Friendsgiving: Our First American Thanksgiving

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We have enjoyed two Thanksgivings this year (it is okay to be jealous. It meant two scrumptious roast dinners for us).  In October, my mom was in the city and I whipped up a pared down version of Canadian Thanksgiving in our pint sized apartment oven. Even with a little less grandeur than the  Thanksgiving meals I have prepared in the past, it was so nice to have at least one of our loved ones with us.

For American Thanksgiving we had my step mom, Jenni, in town , as well as an abundance of amazing, new friends.  We were so Thankful to have Jenni here to stay with us.  We spent the week before thanksgiving with her exploring the city and taking in as many Christmas and Thanksgiving related activities we could.  I have yet to find another city that does the holidays quite as spectacularly as New York.  So, here is a look into our first American Thanksgiving and the incredible people who made it the wonderful time it was.

(My apologies in advance because the photos are terrible.  I was too busy having fun to carefully capture many of the moments but hopefully these will suffice to give you a glimpse into our festivities.) 

1. The Macy’s Day Parade Balloon Inflation

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This was the best, and seemed to me almost of popular of an event as the parade itself.  It was pouring rain but we made our way down to the American Museum of Natural History to watch the behemoth floats come to life as they were pumped full of helium.  I am so glad we did because we got to see each balloon up close and personal. Whereas, during the parade they go by fast and with all the spectators it is hard at times to get an uninterrupted view of each float.

2. The Macy’s Day Parade

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I am not always a fan of large crowded events, but this is a bucket list item worth checking off.  We arrived just over an hour early were already eight people deep from the actual front of the road, because the real keeners had camped out over night.  We wound up with a great view, but we kind of lucked out so I would suggest going earlier than we did.   There were people standing about 50 people back from the road just hoping to see the balloons float above the crowd, not even considering catching a glimpse the floats or marching bands.  So for the most part the earlier you go to stake your claim the better.   We set up camp at 72 and Central Park West, which was a little less packed according to friends who went further down the line.  As for the parade itself, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots were on a Sesame Street Float and Richard Simmons sensually rode a turtle. Need I say more?

3. A Very Brooklyn Thanksgiving

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The whole meal and afternoon was delicious.  Our host, Ashley, is spectacular.  We all brought a little something to share, but Ashley did the lionshare of work from setting a beautiful, festive fall table, orchestrating who brought what, roasting a turkey (in an apartment no less) and playing endearing, lovely host to everyone.  It was wonderful.  Jay and I left so thankful for good friends, good food and life in this city when it combines both.  So thank you to the Winland’s for opening your home -as always it was a real pleasure.

4. Wine and Dessert

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These two girls are the first friends I made in NYC.  We got together for a little Thanksgiving dessert, wine and Crimes Against Humanity  with them and the wonderful men in their lives.  Shockingly, we teachers kept the conversation majorly off school (kind of) and just enjoyed the holiday together.  The sign of the success of the night were how much abs hurt the following day from laughing so hard.  These people are a few of the things I am very thankful for this Thanksgiving because New York wouldn’t feel quite the same without them (now let’s move Elliot out to the East coast so we can do this regularly).

3 thoughts on “Friendsgiving: Our First American Thanksgiving

  1. So enjoyed this one Renee, love the giant balloons, it must have been so exciting to be up close and personal with all the excitement of the parade. It all sounds so amazing. I love that you and Jay get to experience everything about New York City! Thank you once again for taking us on your journey and meeting your friends. I feel like I am there with you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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