Cathedral of St John the Devine


 I am loving fall in the city.  The colours, the crisp, cool air and the festive decorations of each autumn holiday.  We spent the weekend laying low and regrouping after a busy week full of sight seeing, socializing and merry making.  We took the opportunity Sunday to stick close to home an attend Cathedral of St. John the Devine which is around the block from our apartment. Whenever I run by I am always slowed by lines of busses parked out front, and hoards of tourists snapping photos.  So I am glad we finally got to experience what all the fuss is about.  The architecture is stunning, with the soaring ceilings, stained class and ornate stone work.  It it the the largest cathedral in the world, which in Manhattan where space comes at a premium is even more impressive.  The service was reflective of the architecture.  St. John the Devine is of the Anglican tradition and their 11 am choral eucharist was breathtaking.  What we have loved most about being in the city is that we have been able to experience so many different denominations and approaches to church, from the very intellectual, to a church in a bar to a gospel church to now a traditional Anglican service. After church, we grabbed coffee from the Hungarian Pastry Shop, which never disappoints and explored the cathedral gardens for awhile.





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