Dating (my husband) in NYC

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I think I have mentioned it before but one of the best, most exciting parts of being in New York has been falling in love with Jay on a new, deeper level.  When we first settled in here I felt worlds away from the support network I have carefully knit with my truly remarkable friends and large, close family, and the distance from them made me feel as if the floor had fallen out beneath me.  If I am honest, there are moments when I still feel this way.  However, I have come to realize that the core things I need are found in Jay.  This is no way diminishes the support I receive from others, because it is equally vital (and hasn’t changed at all).  I have simply begun to realize what an unstoppable, dynamite team him and I are.  He is the pinnacle of support, as he graciously talks to death all the big and small thoughts, aspirations and concerns that stir inside me daily.  Through his hard work and passion he is constantly bolstering all the dreams we both have for our little family.  This is nothing new, he has always been this way.  The only difference is that I have begun to appreciate these attributes in ways I could never have done without stepping outside my comfort zone and taking these risks.  So although we are slowly building a vibrant network of friends here in NYC, I have really enjoyed the us time as Jay and I explore this city and each other in a whole new way.

Now we are not the type of couple to schedule date nights, and in all actuality we are really, really terrible at the romance thing.  We would not be the winners of any cutest couple award that is for sure.  Although we do spend an unnatural amount of time together, I still tend to describe us as one of the least couply-couples.  A friend from back home who now shares the city with us told me she loved being with us because we don’t make people feel like third wheels.  This was one of the best compliments I have ever received.  At the heart of what defines us is that Jay and I are best friends and that is how we approach life and our relationships with others. So with that in mind most of our dates are happenstance and are the result of the friends we invited being busy, not the careful orchestration of romance.  Nonetheless here is a detailing of some of our favorite City dates thus far.

1. Central Park


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Fresh air and open space.  Sometimes I feel like I am going a little batty living in the heart of this pulsating city, so an escape to the vast spaces of Central Park is a welcome change of pace.  The main sections can be as bustling as the streets of Manhattan.  But if you look carefully you can easily carve out a little slice of peace and quiet all for yourself.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art



I don’t even know how to describe the awesome, opulence at the Met, so I am barely going to try.  We have taken the approach of only tackling one section of the museum each time we visit, as to not overwhelm and desensitize our appreciation.  Normally this would cost a couple $50 an entrance but luckily we both get in free through my university ID.

3. Anytime We Eat in this City


So far we have loved everything we have ate.  We Jordan’s eat quite a lot so most of our outings involve food in some capacity.  The only thing thus far that has been an average experience were the (in my opinion) overpriced burgers at Shake Shack.  I enjoyed them and the surroundings at their flagship location were delightful, but in all reality I really could take or leave the food itself (I know, I know. Oh, the blasphemy. My sincerest apologies).

4. The Movies


We don’t have a T.V. but don’t mistake that for piety on our part.  It is simply because it wouldn’t fit in the back of the car we rented to drive across the continent.  We love movies and good (and some really, terrible also) television.  I know in this day and age it can be a mark of superiority when a person does not partake in such lowly activities. We however are so not of that mindset. There is a whole wealth of creative talent and artistic prowess that I whole heartily support and indulge in. So that being said, as cliche of a date as it is, we have loved going to movies in the city.  As with everything in New York, even movie theaters here are bigger, shinier and glitzier than back home.  Not to mention that some theaters house 600 people per show. That is just pure, wonderful madness.

5. Home


I am a homebody.  Some of my favourite nights involve wine, cheese and an endless stream of 90’s sitcoms on Netflix.  Others include coffee and each of us mundanely chipping away at work or school.  Sometimes, it just simply us sitting on our kitchen floor, talking, planning and dreaming for our future.  It’s not fancy.  It’s not glamourous.  But when I am tucked in at home with Jay I am hard pressed to think of anything better to do.

6 thoughts on “Dating (my husband) in NYC

  1. Awesome blog Renee, love this one so much, you two are a real inspiration to me on a constant basis. I look forward to seeing you over the holidays or at least I sure hope to see you. Blessings to you both, Love Linda

  2. Nice Renee…I am so happy that you are happy. A Dad always wants what is best for his daughter and I think you seem to have it. I love to hear about all the things that you are doing and have done. Very exciting, very comforting for me. You are living life.!!!!! Love you [?][?][?]

  3. Um. I care to disagree, Renee! I think you two WOULD win the cutest couple award.
    You inspire me in so many aspects of life 🙂

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