I’m Renée.


As far as credentials go I have a B.Ed. from the University of Victoria, and an M.A. from Columbia University, where I focused on instructional design and special education. I have also successfully kept my son, Anderson, watered and fed for over a year now. How about that for looking okay-ish on paper?

In this tiny corner of the internet, you will find purposeful play ideas and thoughtfully designed learning activities, for home or classroom use. We roughly follow the underpinning Waldorf/Montessori principals when it comes to early ed. We lean toward wood, fabric, or up-cycled toys and materials in hopes it is one small way our family reduce the plastics we buy, use, and consume. We stock our shelves with open-ended playthings that can be used in multiple ways and inspire imagination. Sprinkled in among all things play and learning is some fast, affordable, sanity-saving recipes from our family table.

If you poke around and don’t find what you’re looking for, drop me a note. When I am not teaching or mothering, I am freelancing in the corporate and k12 space. I would be excited to chat with you about an educational resource that you and your family needs, or a grander learning and development project you’re tackling.

Although I am the sole writer behind this space, I don’t do life alone. I couldn’t do all that I do without a kick-ass home-team. So let me introduce…

The Jordans

We met when I (Renée) was in grade two and he (Jameson) was in grade 4 in a high school gymnasium in our hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. Flash forward a handful of years to my first year of university and finally after many attempts on Jameson’s part we alas began dating. Two and a half short years later my heart was won and we were married.  Four years after that we packed up life in our quaint and picturesque island town and adventured to a much larger, less treed corner of the world, New York City.  This space was originally created to chronicle our adventures in Brooklyn and the daily grind of a Columbia University graduate student. However, we have since returned to the tall trees and cold seas, having landed in Seattle. This time adding the most welcomed addition, our son, Anderson Ellis Jordan.

Photos by @DavitaPhoto , Luke Liable, and Rachael Alexandra Co. 

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      1. Sooper. Something around 500 words? You can email it directly to me at ericcharleslindstrom@gmail.com. I’m going to post all guest blog posts on the home page (for the immediate exposure) and then archive them all on the GUEST BLOGGER page (there are three others in the works right now).

        Would love to add you to that list!


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