Supply list for inquiry and play activities for babies and toddlers

Well you all have been THRILLED with our supply list for art activities. As well as our suggestions for 0-6 month toys and 1 year toys. So now we will cover the things I keep stocked for all my inquiry and play activities. I keep a a well stocked supply on hand so that whenever and idea (usually Anderson led) hits we have some things to work with.

I will talk organization in depth at a later date. But I do get asked this a lot. I have gotten all my craft bins and jars from the dollar store. Everything from glass jars to plastic caddies can really help you keep your things organized and accessible for your kids.

I have used amazon links since both Canada and US readers have access to Amazon. But keep in mind that you can get a lot of these supplies at local stores, Michaels, the Dollar Store or Walmart too. But Amazon’s ship directly to your front door is v v helpful.

Stuff to keep on hand

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