Greens Bowl (in honor of St. Patricks Day)


When midterms are in full swing, so is my culinary prowess.  It is my best procrastinator and my biggest relaxation strategy.  During the chaos of graduate school it seems that I can barely find the time to check my e-mails, but I always have time to bake cookies in mid afternoon.  Add to that that proper nutrition fuels the brain and energizes the body and you will understand why there have been a plethora of new recipes on the blog these past weeks (with more to come).

Today’s recipes arrives in Celebration of St. Patricks Day.  To be honest I have never even put much thought into this holiday before, let alone celebrated.  In St. Patricks Day’s prior you would find me doing little more than  donning a green cardigan while teaching an Irish themed art project.  However, New York takes it’s St. Patty’s day very, very seriously.  As such I made time to get together with friends and enjoy the festivities. We ventured down into the madness that is Times Square, tucked ourselves into a warm, cozy booth in an Irish Pub and spent our time watching the parade, eating potato leek soup and sampling a variety of beers.  Good times were definitely had, but its is hard not two when the afternoon is spent with two of my absolute favorite New Yorkers.


Afterward I polished off the evening with this homemade, hearty bowl of greens.  So whether you are feeling thematic or in need something scrumptious to recover from your weekend of Irish induced debauchery -Enjoy.

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Boiled and Baked Plantain Chips


This recipe comes to you by way of a happy accident.  As previously mentioned Jay and I were beyond fortunate enough to have my mom and aunt come stay with us all last week.  While in the city they spoiled us rotten with baked goods, dinners, fresh fruit and… plantains.  The plantains were picked up in thought that they were very large, funny looking bananas.  Turns out plantains are nothing like bananas. So since it would break my heart to waste a bundle of really excellent produce I decided to find something to turn them into.  What resulted was homemade, boiled (not fried) plantain chips, and they are seriously delicious. Having never previously eaten a plantain I chalk this discovery up to one awesome mistake that will definitely happen again in the Jordan household.  So enjoy this vegan, paleo and whole 30 accepted snack. Then thank my mom and my aunt for their oversight. It was a good one.

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Baked Yam and Brussel Sprout Hash

Breakfast for dinner is the best. It is even better when it is easy. This simple recipe just requires a quick chop, bake, fry and then you are ready to serve. It also works well in our household of differing dietary concerns because it can be vegan (no egg), vegetarian (with egg) or paleo (with egg and turkey bacon). On days when we want a fast, low maintenance dinner this filling, flavorful meal is our go to.


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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

We are at that age where so many things are happening -babies, marriages, graduations from grad school, world travels, home buying and so much more.  It is an exciting time as we all enter adulthood.  So tonight we got together with some dear, old friends to celebrate all of the monuments milestones we all seem to be hitting simultaneously. So this was our House warming/Ben and Kort are getting married/ Tang and Michelle are engaged/Justin got his MBA/ Elena got her masters/We are moving/Ryan’s birthday/Ben and Kort are home party.


For the occasion Jay and I walked up to our local butcher, Island Meat and Seafood, to grab two local, organic, grass fed, hormone free (all you west coasties can rejoice) pork shoulders.  We lathered it in our homemade rub, doused it in BBQ sauce, let it marinate over night, then poured some local Philips root beer over it and slow cooked it to perfection for 10 hours.  Now I don’t eat meat, so I can’t can’t say for sure, but the resounding feedback was that it was succulently flavourful and the homemade root beer gravy (recipe coming soon) was a hit. Continue reading “Slow Cooked Pulled Pork”