Emily Cuthbert Designs has LAUNCHED


From time to time we detail some of our favourite products and friends.  So when I awoke this morning to an e-mail from Emily (yeah, I am like totally in the know. No big deal) informing me that today was THE day, I knew I had to bring all of you the good news.  The amazing, talented mama behind Emily Cuthbert Designs has officially launched her store. Head over to check out some of the incredible prints, design services and stationary she has thoughtfully created.


Now be aware, that this is shameless promotion of a girl we Jordan’s have done life with for a very, very long time.  Jameson has known Em since she was in diapers (ask him for an embarrassing story or two he LOVES to share them), and I have been privileged to call her friend since my first day of high school.  We have watched her grow in the face of joy and struggle into the creative, seriously gifted woman she is today. However, don’t think these praises come simply because I have known her since she had braces. Regardless of my personal feelings about this amazing woman, her talent speaks for itself.  Seriously, just go peruse her Instagram and you can see for yourself that creating an elegant, curated life is her daily practice -whether it is her baby girl’s on point outfit, her own aesthetic or the design of her home. So when she announced to the world that (on top of being a wife and mother) she was going to launch her own stationary and design store, Jay and I had no doubt the end result was going to be stunning.

To exemplify her natural prowess I will share a story.  In freshman year I served beside Em at our Victoria church where we  undertook a redesign of the youth room (in the pre-pinterest era I might add).  Truth be told, Em tackled a large majority of the work, and thankfully she did.  I mean, we wound up with a youth room candy bar before candy bars were even a thing (#trendsetter). So if this alone doesn’t exemplify that creating and curating has been in this girl’s blood since infancy I don’t know what else could. So seriously don’t hesitate to check out her fall collection, you are bound to be inspired.  As for me, I am angling to pick up this notebook to make my Manhattan office space a little more whimsical (but I may hold out for her Christmas line to be launched. I hear it is going to be amazing).

Get Out of Town: Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary in Victoria

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It was our fifth wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and we managed to wrangle a trip back to the island at the same time.  This meant Jay and I were able to steal a room at the Fairmont Empress, which was actually directly across the hall from where we spent our wedding night (swoon).  We love the Fairmont brand, and after working there for 8 years and now with Jay having a jet setting career we have managed to stay at over 22 of their properties.  So that being said the Empress is very near and dear to our hearts.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Continue reading “Get Out of Town: Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary in Victoria”

Victoria { as seen through my iPhone }

So we took along our fancy camera with all the intentions in the world of capturing our trip home with it.  However, we got too caught up savoring the people and events of being home that the only remnants of our visit are pixelated iPhone snapped photos.  I would be more bummed if it wasn’t a testament to just how wonderfully full and heart filling our time at home was.

We were honored to celebrate the most exceptional bride and groom.  The wedding wound up being perfectly wonderful evening of catching up with old friends, and on top of that making some pretty spectacular new ones (Y’all come visit now!). As for the bride and groom, these two are a truly remarkable couple.  They have been together since early high school and are seriously going to kill it as husband and wife. We love them.  So much so that after the wedding night I lost my voice for the remainder of our trip because I talked, laughed and cheered way, way too much.

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Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jameson Jordan


4 years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend and become the wife of a remarkable, attractive and intelligent man.  Everything I am about to type will probably sound like a series of clichés, but I am okay with that because I feel pretty lucky to have all these platitudes be our reality.


Over the past four years I have had the pleasure to be married to a man who daily has shown me he loves me more than he did even moments before, points out my beauty in the most unexpected ways and reminds me of all the little things he admires in me when I have forgotten them myself.  We have dreamed bigger dreams than we could have alone, and watched them come to be. We have bought houses, travelled, built new friendships, strengthened old ones, found new passions and explored new hobbies.   We have been an unbeatable team, and daily I am thankful for the choice I made to say “I do” four years ago today.


Jameson, thank you for supporting me, dreaming with me, laughing at me and loving me more than I thought one person was able to love another.  Before our wedding day our pastor told us that, because of our youth, we needed to marry the people were were going to become not who we were then.  I can say with all earnest that you have grown into a man who is more exceptional, thoughtful and accomplished than any version of you my 20 year old brain had envisioned.  So thank you for always being constant in your love and giving me a life that is filled with more blessings and adventures than I could have ever imagined. Now onto what awaits us in the coming years -new york, grad school, careers growth and babies.

 I love you.

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The Halfhill Wedding

561519_10101402374876540_604324841_nLast June Jay and I ventured down south to New Orleans and Texas for the wedding of one of his closest friends and the best man at our wedding.  Finally, months later they have posted pictures of their spectacular day.  In short the entire event was stunning.  The bride was breathtaking and the groom and groomsmen handsome (I know I may be bias being wife of a groomsman, but check it out for yourself). The Halfhill’s are beautiful couple inside and out and we consider ourselves blessed to know them.  Their perfectly styled yellow and grey wedding took place on an expansive green lawn, nestled beside a lake in the middle of Dallas. Every detail, down to the too cute yellow owls and candy bar, reflected the beauty and class that is found in this couple. Take a peak at a few of the special moments their amazing photographer captured (www.celinagomezphotography.com)

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