Teachable Moment: Poster Board Stars

Well, every couple who lives in our apartment in the following decades is going to be finding gold glitter in every nook and cranny.  Jay came home from Crossfit and lunch with friends to find that Martha Stewart had exploded all over what used to be our living room.  He accurately  remarked that ours was either the apartment of the happiest, rowdiest, creative child and/or one, singular elementary school teacher.  At present there happens to be sparkles, paper scraps and paint brushes spanning the length between our the front door and bedroom.

The reason: star costumes for my Saturday afternoon kids.


Here is my second installment of how to create vibrant, eye catching ( albeit inexpensive) costumes out of poster board.  You will find my tutorial on Poster Board flowers here, which was the costume for my first dance.  The stars that follow are for a song title My Whole Body Can Move which my students will be performing at a their fundraiser in February.  So if you are looking for easy decor for a dance or graduation ceremony, simple stage props for a pageant or like me costumes for your dance or play, here is your answer.  Continue reading “Teachable Moment: Poster Board Stars”