Paleo Tuna Salad

The weather is warming up, and my desire to turn on my oven is going way, way, way down.  I love this time of year.  Summer in NYC is arguably my favourite seasons in the city.  During the summer months, so many organizations (like Lululemon or Athleta) begin hosting free events, to keep you busy, active and outside.  I love it! For example, yesterday was the start of the summer season of free yoga in Bryant Park (thanks yoga journal) which got me hot, sweaty and home late.  So when I stumbled through my door I wanted something quick, cool and nutritious to fuel my newly limber body.  This recipe for Paleo Tuna Salad takes under 10 minutes to prep (and consume if you are anything like Jameson or I) which was exactly what I was looking for.  This fast, inexpensive meal is not only a great post-work out pick me up but also an exemplary addition to your summer picnic basket. Enjoy! Continue reading “Paleo Tuna Salad”

Roast Chickpea and Cauliflower Salad with a Dijon Lime Vinaigrette

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I love the suburbs (not that this is news to any of you).  To take our uncool points to the next level, not only do I love suburbs but I adore small, university towns because I really, really, really like school.  We Jordan’s make a point to stop at iconic college campuses wherever we go (even if it requires three extra tolls and an hour and a half detour on our Trans American road trip).  So on Tuesday when Jay had a site visit to Connecticut I couldn’t stop myself from tagging along for the night to explore the picturesque Yale campus.  With it’s cherry blossoms, crooked streets and ancient architecture it was nothing short of adorable.  Add to our adventure that we stopped in Darien, CT, which easily could be described as the loveliest small town in America, and I would say it was a trip worth making.

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Before we set out I had two meetings and a class to attend, which left little time to cook dinner.  So in light of our pending getaway I kept dinner simple with this delicious, warm salad. Besides a little chopping of the cauliflower,  radishes and avocado, the hands on time is minimal.  So enjoy this fast, light spring dinner because this gem is not your traditional, mild mannered spinach salad.

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Cobb Salad with a Tangy Oil Free Garlic-Mustard Vinaigrette


You may have noticed the onslaught of new delectable recipes up over the past month.  Classes didn’t start again until last week so I have had a little more time to putter around in the kitchen.  It has been fun, but now I am back in full swing of grad school madness so the numbers may dwindle in the coming weeks.

On Thursday nights my classes don’t start until late, so my truly wonderful friend Vanessa came over for dinner to help me kill some time.  I kept it simple with this filling, substantial salad that is packed with just the right proteins and nutrition that your brain needs to sit through two hour evening courses. The best part is that it is simple to accommodate all dietary restraints and still leave your diners happy.  Vegan? Skip the meat, egg and cheese and the yams and avocado still taste divine.  Vegetarian? forgo the meat and the resulting salad will leave you just as satisfied.   Strict Paleo? set aside the cheese and yams and what you have left is more or less pure protein for your carnivorous needs.

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Warm Greens, Yam and Avocado Salad

Jay and I just finished buying a weeks worth of organic groceries from our living room couch and will be getting them delivered to our apartment tomorrow morning for less than it would cost in subway fare.  So needless to say I am slowly and surely adapting to our novel manhattan lifestyle and the sheer connivence of urban living.   However, there have been a series of small changes that have not been as seamless, and although mostly minor they are adjustments just the same.   One such transition has been going from our seemingly expansive, modern kitchen to our cozy, retro digs here on the Upper West Side.  So inspite of the chaos of unpacking,  days of avoiding suffering in front a heated oven in a New York summer swelter and fighting all temptation to continually eat out due to the sheer cheapness and accessibility of multiple culinary options in our new neighbourhood (that’s right still got the U in there. Go Canada) I decided I need to make our new place feel like what it is, our home, by preparing a hearty, home cooked meal. This quick, inexpensive and filling paleo or vegan meal (your choice) fit the bill in that it didn’t monopolize much of my scant time, thus allowing me time to tackle the five journal articles I was assigned during my first class. Welcome to graduate school.

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Roasted Yam and Avocado Salad

It has been awhile since my last post.  We have been busy this summer in the best possible way.  We have been..

Welcoming new babies


Catching up with old (amazing) friends


Having family time before our big move


Celebrating new marriages of very old friends


Packing and planning our road trip to New York


and enjoying the lake and saying our good byes


In the midst of it all we have craved simple, quick meals that mandate very few ingredients so we could clean out our fridge pre-move.  This Roasted Yam and Avocado salad is just that and is loaded with flavour and freshness.  This salads minimal  list of ingredients makes it prefect for a last minute market shop after a luxurious day at the beach.  So when life is filled with all sorts of good things and your time for meal prep is limited by your desire to have fun give this recipe a try.


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Summer Spinnach Salad (for 1)

Happy Long Weekend!Image

It is the Canada day long weekend and the weather is spectacular. We have made the most of it with

date nights,


sunset walks,


and Bachelor Parties on Sail boats.


With the busyness of the days and the sun beating down on us, the last thing I want is to be was inside prepping a meal or baking in front of the stove.  So this cool, crisp and simple salad, which is loaded with nourishing summer ingredients fit the bill for dinner.  The recipe is a meal salad for one person. I do it for one because there are so many options for this salad and dressing that you either follow my recipe or engage your culinary creativity to suit your own palette.

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