In Flanders Fields Printable

Today we have a little history lesson for you in honour of Veterans Day on Wednesday. I grew up in Canada where Veterans Day is called Remembrance Day. It is held on November 11th and shares the same sentiment of honouring our veterans who have served. Every year in school on the eleventh of November we would without fail do an activity involving the poem In Flanders Fields. The poem is prominently featured in every Remembrance Day ceremony held across Canadiffa. That is why today we have a printable of the famous poem for you. It is a great resource for both home and school.

The Poem was written during the First World War by Canadian physician, Major John McCrae. Major McCrae penned the poem in May of 1915 after presiding over the funeral of a close friend who was lost in battle. In Flanders Fields is one of the most quoted poems from either of the World Wars. Its references the red poppies that grew over the graves of fallen soldiers. This poem and its references is why today in Canada and other commonwealth countries around the world we wear remembrance poppies on our lapels during the month of November. It is a beautiful poem, and an excellent way to remember the Veterans who have laid down their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. Happy Remembrance Day.