A dear friend of mine is launching her new designer line of luxury lingerie and underwear, you&her.  This is a dream that I have watched her walk out over the past number of years and something that has grown in her heart into something even bigger than she could have envisioned.  Her company provides a locally and ethically made product, where the profit goes to fund and protect women in developing countries.  Christina is a young, beautiful mother of 3 who has a heart for women and this is her very big way of impacting the world around her.

Nourishing Carrot Ginger Soup

9b0d26b0789711e28ed122000a9f1311_6As a new teacher you are in constant contact with sniffles, runny noses and grubby fingers, and unfortunately you don’t have the immune system of a veteran educator. So in any attempt to reduce the number of times I come down with a cold I have tried to be mindful of my nutrition and weave plenty of fresh ginger root, chili and garlic into my diet. Tonight I whipped up a nourishing and hearty carrot ginger soup with a hint of sweet from the Braeburn apples, which compliments spice of the turmeric perfectly. Now I am off to catch up with some amazing girlfriends over a movie and idle chat (while I secretly oggle her three beautiful children).

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2% Jazz Coffee

20130206-153739.jpgWell I am one of the very few who doesn’t like coffee – not the smell, not the taste. Give me tea, give me matcha but you can keep your coffee to yourself. However since I have started teaching I have realized the major non-taste related benefits of a cup of coffee and its uncanny ability to help your survive a gaggle of 6 year olds on a Friday before a long weekend. So my hunt began for palatable coffee, and after Starbucks left me wanting my quest quickly ended at 2% Jazz where their locally roasted coffee not only makes the streets outside the Hudson building smell like overdone chocolate chip cookies (yum) but it tastes amazing. So here you have it, the latte that reformed my distaste for caffeine and firmly placed me within the inner circle of adulthood.