Christmas in the City

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Next week we will be jetting back to the island to enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends back home.  However, before that happens we have been taking full advantage of Christmas in our new home.  The holidays in the city have a little extra sparkle and a dash more whimsy than anything I have previously experienced.  The lights begin being hung around mid November and by the time Thanksgiving comes around almost every street is adorned with silky red bows and fragrant evergreen wreaths.  It is beautiful, and even the grinch-iest of grinch would have a hard time not warming to the Christmas spirit this city emits.

Currently I am in the midst of finals insanity in a way only grad school can muster.  However, Jay and I have been taking study breaks to explore the festive undercurrents of New York City.  Below I have chronicled some of our top holiday highlights.  Warning this list is long and only scratches the surface of holiday offerings this city provides.  There just may need to be a Christmas in the city 2.0 post to follow.

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Meals and Monuments in D.C.


First and foremost sorry for the delay.  It has been a whirlwind since we arrived in Manhattan full of learing how to navigate, toiling (unsuccessfully) to get american cell phones and meeting the incredible people I will be spending my next two years with.  So that hasn’t left me much time to blog and I promise an introduction to our new home and manhattan lifestyle is coming.  As for now, here is the last installment of our trans-america road trip -Washington D.C.!  The capitol was a city that had a comfortable homeyness to it.  Perhaps it was the heritage architecture of Georgetown or the plentiful local eateries and boutiques dotting the streets-cape that was reminiscent of our hometown of Victoria B.C. Nonetheless we ate our fill and filled our brains with all the history and wealth this vast, diverse country has to offer. Continue reading “Meals and Monuments in D.C.”