My Second Contribution to the Columbia University Admissions Blog

My Second Contribution to the Columbia University Admissions Blog

Click the photo to be linked to my latest installment on the Columbia University Admissions blog.

This month I was asked to write about how I manage to get connected to the NYC community while being a graduate student. The piece showcases a few of the activities Jay and I have checked off our bucket list, as well as key information on how to find free things to do in this big, (and expensive) place. Enjoy!

Columbia University’s Newest Admissions Blogger

Columbia University’s Newest Admissions Blogger

After reading my blog the Admissions Office for Teacher’s College at Columbia University has asked me to serve as their newest student admissions blogger for the coming school year.  Each month they will feature a post authored by me on their blog which will chronicle my insights as a current student with the aim of helping guide and inform future applicants.

The Jordan Project houses my personal, more intimate reflections on this new adventure in NYC. Conversely, the opportunity to write for the Admissions Blog will be an avenue for professional reflection on my time in the city.  So keep your eyes peeled to the Admissions website to glean greater understanding into what brought me to NYC, the route and insurmountable paperwork I navigated to get here and the insider scoop on what life as a graduate student and teacher in NYC looks like for me personally.