Boiled and Baked Plantain Chips


This recipe comes to you by way of a happy accident.  As previously mentioned Jay and I were beyond fortunate enough to have my mom and aunt come stay with us all last week.  While in the city they spoiled us rotten with baked goods, dinners, fresh fruit and… plantains.  The plantains were picked up in thought that they were very large, funny looking bananas.  Turns out plantains are nothing like bananas. So since it would break my heart to waste a bundle of really excellent produce I decided to find something to turn them into.  What resulted was homemade, boiled (not fried) plantain chips, and they are seriously delicious. Having never previously eaten a plantain I chalk this discovery up to one awesome mistake that will definitely happen again in the Jordan household.  So enjoy this vegan, paleo and whole 30 accepted snack. Then thank my mom and my aunt for their oversight. It was a good one.

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Darling Magazine: What Makes Your Heart Beat?

Darling Magazine is one of my favorite print and web based magazines. It is my go to resource on those long days, or the days I feel the weight of the world. It is continually a source of inspiration, rejuvenation and encouragement in no matter what weather life has brought. Personally, I identify most with their achiever persona and I am sure you will find one that whispers just to you also. Check it out, savor it and enjoy it.