How We Meal Plan and this Weeks Inspiration

 We have talked before about our philosophy behind how we eat.  We strive to eat whole foods, and make most of our meals in house so we don’t do anything to supplement our nutritional needs in terms of different diets and cleanses. So many fellow New Yorkers balk at our lofty goals, exclaiming they just don’t have anytime left in the day to meal prep or cook.  I totally get that. It isn’t always easy which is why we strive to make all the recipes here at the Jordan Project fast and simple.  Continue reading “How We Meal Plan and this Weeks Inspiration”

Reader Creations: Joanna Eats




The past few weeks I have begun a new segment where I post reader renditions of my recipes.

Today’s reader is extra special because not only is she great encouragement for what what we do here at The Jordan Project, but she herself is also undertaking a nutrition program, making her an exceptional resource for promoting a healthy lifestyle. So check her out, follow her Instagram and in the process glean great meal ideas, educated information on healthy eating. This woman will leave you inspired. Not only is she one hot mama of two little ones and a dedicated wife but she still manages to find time to cook healthy meals for her family and maintain an active lifestyle. Like really?

Recipes highlighted by Joanna:

Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Energizing Green Soup