Humans of New York

Humans of New York

A new friend passed along this blog to me. I love it.  One of the things that Jay and I have found so inspirational, so invigorating, so undeniably awesome about New York is the people.  Another new friend in the city characterized most New Yorkers as having the same die hard, passionate, hunger no matter what industry they worked in or dream they were chasing.  It is true, and upon stepping into the city you can feel the frenzied energy the emanates from collection of colourful personalities that construct this patchwork of a city.  Right now, I can honestly say there is no place on earth I would rather be, than chasing my dreams along side all the beautiful humans of New York.

Read It: A Times Colonist Article about my Dear Friend Christina


You read a lot in graduate school and a lot of it is fascinating.  However, I think I may have just read my favourite article ever in my hometown newspaper.  Here it is today’s Times Colonist Article about You&Her

I have been blessed to know and come to call a dear, dear friend a young woman named Christina Norman, who has a heart for the greater world.  I have danced at her wedding, snuggled her new born babies and been fortunate enough to enjoy a few cups of good coffee with her as she has unfurled her visions and dreams.  Today is the day she has been aspiring to for a very, very long time now -she, alongside her wonderful husband and beautiful children, will be launching her new line you&her.  I don’t think I can begin to encapsulate with simple words the depth and overwhelming magnitude of excitement I am feeling as I watch the fruit of her passion unfold today.  She is just one, breathtakingly remarkable mother of 3 who is trying to do her very large, very awesome part in supporting the women in Africa who are in need.  So if you happen to be in Victoria this evening go to their launch at the Parkside Hotel.  Tickets are $50 and you will be supporting something much, much larger than yourself.  If you are like me and are a little further away than you would like to be on a night as grad and tonight then read about her story in our local newspaper, and send all the love you can muster their way.  Equally as importantly, if you are able to partner with them financially, please do so, you will be supporting this young family who is stepping out in faith to better our global community.

Christina I am so proud of you.  Keep it up.



A dear friend of mine is launching her new designer line of luxury lingerie and underwear, you&her.  This is a dream that I have watched her walk out over the past number of years and something that has grown in her heart into something even bigger than she could have envisioned.  Her company provides a locally and ethically made product, where the profit goes to fund and protect women in developing countries.  Christina is a young, beautiful mother of 3 who has a heart for women and this is her very big way of impacting the world around her.