Overnight Gingerbread French Toast

 Most of our Christmas Brunch menu was paleo or vegan to meet the gluten-free, dairy-free, clean eating, healthy tendencies of my girls. However, it is Christmas, which is synonymous with indulgence. As far as French Toast goes, this recipe takes it to the next level. This holiday-themed version of the classic breakfast food is worth bending the paleo or vegan rules.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Continue reading “Overnight Gingerbread French Toast”

A Whole 30 Friendly, Paleo Vegetable Frittata

Here is another gem from our Christmas Brunch. In January some of you may be doing the Whole 30 challenge. I know a lot of us at Crossfit NYC will be.  To learn more about the Whole 30 challenge head over the CF NYC website where they break it all down for you.  It is worth exploring.  If you decide to jump on board, we have a a few Whole 30 approved recipes to help you with your clean eating mission.  This savory frittata is yet another fast, easy meal that is also whole 30 friendly.  It doesn’t look like much but it requires minimal hands-on prep time. It has a pretty easy clean up making it is perfect for busy New Yorkers.  Enjoy and good luck to all the Whole 30ers out there 🙂 Continue reading “A Whole 30 Friendly, Paleo Vegetable Frittata”