Homemade Chipotle Bowl


One of our favorite things about America is Chipotle (yes fellow Canadians I know Vancouver got one right after we left).  When we were in Texas for one of Jay’s closest friend’s weddings he introduced us to it’s sheer awesomeness.  We experienced our first encounter with another dear friend, Tang,  who is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with in terms of lifting heavy weight and eating.  As such, Tang polished off two entire Chipotle bowls in that one first sitting.  If that isn’t something short of amazing and a testament to the greatness that is Chipotle than I don’t know what is.

My inspiration stemmed after I had stumbled across a few recipes for a DIY bowl on Pinterest but none of them seemed to stack up (one was a cold version which just didn’t cut it for me).  So I decided to try my hand at a recreation myself, and the results were spectacular.  The thing about Chipotle is everyone’s bowl will taste different depending on what they choose, so I based my creation on a combination of my normal order and Jay’s.  So here is our take on a healthier, cheaper and you can get it in your pajamas version of the coveted Chipotle bowl.   Continue reading “Homemade Chipotle Bowl”

Prairie life in Nebraska


Well I didn’t loathe Nebraska. When we were mapping our route and divulging it to friends and family we fielded a plethora of slander against the prairie drive and Nebraska on whole. It got to the point that when explaining our route I began to beguile that we had to stop somewhere between Boulder and Chicago so Omaha it was. However, I found the drive beautiful. Hundreds of of scorpions lining the I-80 kept us entertained for 50 miles as they bravely tried to scuttle across 4 lanes. The wild sunflowers that decorated the ditch of the road add a touch of whimsy. The open air, bright blue skies soaring above and wide spreading fields made the perfect back drop as we coasted, listening to and endless stream of radio lab and CBC (go Canada!) podcasts. As for Omaha, the sunset was stunning and any city with a Chipotle and Trader Joes is good in my books. Maybe it is the company I am in because I have yet to find a place I don’t enjoy when I am with Jay but I truly do think there is a lot of beauty to be found in Nebraska.

Now on to two nights in Chicago!