Reader Creations: Happy Saturday Everyone

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As you know, I LOVE seeing pictures of readers trying out our recipes (so please if you try something out instagram it, tweet it or send it in directly. I love the feedback).  Today’s pint sized chef is cuter than buttons.  This little sweetheart mixing up a batch of our Chocolate Drop Cookies left me with a perma-grin and amplified my baby fever to a new pinnacle.  I hope her sweetness brightens your day as much as it did mine 🙂 Happy weekend one and all!


Humans of New York

Humans of New York

A new friend passed along this blog to me. I love it.  One of the things that Jay and I have found so inspirational, so invigorating, so undeniably awesome about New York is the people.  Another new friend in the city characterized most New Yorkers as having the same die hard, passionate, hunger no matter what industry they worked in or dream they were chasing.  It is true, and upon stepping into the city you can feel the frenzied energy the emanates from collection of colourful personalities that construct this patchwork of a city.  Right now, I can honestly say there is no place on earth I would rather be, than chasing my dreams along side all the beautiful humans of New York.

Columbia University’s Newest Admissions Blogger

Columbia University’s Newest Admissions Blogger

After reading my blog the Admissions Office for Teacher’s College at Columbia University has asked me to serve as their newest student admissions blogger for the coming school year.  Each month they will feature a post authored by me on their blog which will chronicle my insights as a current student with the aim of helping guide and inform future applicants.

The Jordan Project houses my personal, more intimate reflections on this new adventure in NYC. Conversely, the opportunity to write for the Admissions Blog will be an avenue for professional reflection on my time in the city.  So keep your eyes peeled to the Admissions website to glean greater understanding into what brought me to NYC, the route and insurmountable paperwork I navigated to get here and the insider scoop on what life as a graduate student and teacher in NYC looks like for me personally.