I have such talented, beautiful friends. This amazing woman sung at my wedding and stood beside me as my bridesmaid. She never really ceases to amaze me, and yet I am still always awed by anything she writes or sings.

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jameson Jordan


4 years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend and become the wife of a remarkable, attractive and intelligent man.  Everything I am about to type will probably sound like a series of clichés, but I am okay with that because I feel pretty lucky to have all these platitudes be our reality.


Over the past four years I have had the pleasure to be married to a man who daily has shown me he loves me more than he did even moments before, points out my beauty in the most unexpected ways and reminds me of all the little things he admires in me when I have forgotten them myself.  We have dreamed bigger dreams than we could have alone, and watched them come to be. We have bought houses, travelled, built new friendships, strengthened old ones, found new passions and explored new hobbies.   We have been an unbeatable team, and daily I am thankful for the choice I made to say “I do” four years ago today.


Jameson, thank you for supporting me, dreaming with me, laughing at me and loving me more than I thought one person was able to love another.  Before our wedding day our pastor told us that, because of our youth, we needed to marry the people were were going to become not who we were then.  I can say with all earnest that you have grown into a man who is more exceptional, thoughtful and accomplished than any version of you my 20 year old brain had envisioned.  So thank you for always being constant in your love and giving me a life that is filled with more blessings and adventures than I could have ever imagined. Now onto what awaits us in the coming years -new york, grad school, careers growth and babies.

 I love you.

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