Maker Culture in Schools

Education is full of buzzwords and trends. Some are better than others. Maker spaces, and maker education is one educational shift I am excited by. My latest article for the Yellin Center explores how maker culture is invading schools.

For those equally excitable educators who are curious to learn tactical ways to cultivate a maker culture you can head over to EdSurge’s Maker Guide.  It is a hot bed of great ideas and resources everyday teachers can use. Enjoy! Continue reading “Maker Culture in Schools”

Uvic’s Booklum: Top Ten Books for Learning Support Teachers


I mentioned last week that I have been connecting with educators all over the place the last several months. Awhile back the incredible librarian of the Curriculum Library at my undergrad university, University of Victoria, asked me to compile my list of top ten resources for Learning Support Teachers. Bookulum, the top ten series, was created” as a way for us to feature themed book lists recommended by experts in and around our Education and Library community.” I am so honoured to have been asked to be included. Be sure to check out the other book lists because they are equally amazing.  You can also download a PDF version of my article here.

The University of Victoria is where I learned to be a teacher; Columbia University is where I honed the skills they instilled in me. Uvic was such good soil for me to grow in.  It was there that met some of the most talented, dynamic educators that I now have the fortune of calling close friends. So I am beyond excited to still be connect to the community -even though I live on the other side of the continent. I am loving seeing what Uvic Education is doing to impact the greater teaching community. I hope you are as inspired as I am as you peruse their collected resources and fund of knowledge.


Using the EdSurge Product Index to Find New Learning Tools

I have been collaborating with educators around the web and it has been so, so good. I was sharing with a friend over lunch how it great it feels to no longer be in the very early days of my career. I am still exceptionally young and a novice in the field on whole; however it has been exciting to collaborate and write for various educational outlets over the past several months. I have reached a point in my short career where I now have a touch of experience that is valuable to parents and teachers, which allows me to lend my voice to the bigger mosaic of education. I am not going to lie, it is pretty neat.

One of the communities I am dialed into is EdSurge (stay tuned next week for some new publications coming out that I have done for them).  Many readers have asked me what tools I use for different learning needs, and I am always happy to lend my advice, experience and app reviews. However, this week I am sharing one of my go-to sources for learning about all the new tools and innovations in the educational technology field is EdSurge. This week, in my latest article for the Yellin Center Blog, I wrote about how I use the EdSurge Product Index. So now you can also have access to excellent product reviews to help you locate and integrate 21st century learning tools and ideas! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Using the EdSurge Product Index to Find New Learning Tools”

Strategies for Supporting Anxious Children

Here at the Jordan Project we have taken a break from app reviews and teaching resources to shed light on a vital topic-mental health.  lately, we have gone in depth on teaching mindfulness to kids and strategies for self-regulation.  Today, in another article for the Yellin Center,  we are digging a little deeper into anxiety and behavioral challenges in children.  We hope the resources outlined help you find some of the answers you are looking for. Continue reading “Strategies for Supporting Anxious Children”

Strategies for Promoting Self-Regulation in Children

My latest article is up at the Yellin Center Blog. I wrote about promoting mindfulness in children for my last Yellin Center article.  After a resounding response to the article I am expanding on the idea of mindfulness by sharing some of my favourite resources for self-regulation. I hope you find them as helpful as I do! Continue reading “Strategies for Promoting Self-Regulation in Children”

Teaching Children Mindfulness

My latest article is out for the Yellin Center.  This time I am discussing mindfulness and self-regulation, while sharing some of my favourite books to help cultivate students awareness of the world around them. Each book details different child-friendly approached to mindful conversation, emotional regulation, yoga or meditation practice. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Continue reading “Teaching Children Mindfulness”

Using Chrome Accessibility Extensions

 We have been talking a lot about accessibility lately.  We have highlighted some low-tech assistive tech tools, as well as high tech resources, like Goalbook, which help teachers implement universal design for learning. We have also shared our favourite resources for special education teachers. Today, my article for the Yellin Center Blog, goes in-depth on some of the free, accessibility extensions for google chrome. Don’t forget that Microsoft and other browsers have similar features, so if you aren’t a chrome uses do a little digging into what your internet browser offers! Continue reading “Using Chrome Accessibility Extensions”

Teacher Tools: Goalbook App

My latest review is up on the Yellin Center blog.  This time is features one of my favourite tools, Goalbook.  I talk a lot about Universal Design for Learning and differentiated instruction; they are at the core of my pedagogy.  However although sound educational theories it can be tricky for teachers to find tools that enable them enact the principals of personalized learning. Goalbook is one of my continually recommended, fool proof tools for making it all happen. It allows teachers to painlessly to turn research backed practices into real time instruction.  You can head over to the Yellin Center blog to read my review, or just browse a copy of the article below.  Happy teaching! Continue reading “Teacher Tools: Goalbook App”