Baked Yam and Brussel Sprout Hash

Breakfast for dinner is the best. It is even better when it is easy. This simple recipe just requires a quick chop, bake, fry and then you are ready to serve. It also works well in our household of differing dietary concerns because it can be vegan (no egg), vegetarian (with egg) or paleo (with egg and turkey bacon). On days when we want a fast, low maintenance dinner this filling, flavorful meal is our go to.


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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

We are at that age where so many things are happening -babies, marriages, graduations from grad school, world travels, home buying and so much more.  It is an exciting time as we all enter adulthood.  So tonight we got together with some dear, old friends to celebrate all of the monuments milestones we all seem to be hitting simultaneously. So this was our House warming/Ben and Kort are getting married/ Tang and Michelle are engaged/Justin got his MBA/ Elena got her masters/We are moving/Ryan’s birthday/Ben and Kort are home party.


For the occasion Jay and I walked up to our local butcher, Island Meat and Seafood, to grab two local, organic, grass fed, hormone free (all you west coasties can rejoice) pork shoulders.  We lathered it in our homemade rub, doused it in BBQ sauce, let it marinate over night, then poured some local Philips root beer over it and slow cooked it to perfection for 10 hours.  Now I don’t eat meat, so I can’t can’t say for sure, but the resounding feedback was that it was succulently flavourful and the homemade root beer gravy (recipe coming soon) was a hit. Continue reading “Slow Cooked Pulled Pork”

Roasted Banana Squash, Peach and Green Apple Soup

Happy rainy Sunday everyone.20130623-162305.jpgWell the sun decided not to come out today and after spending the morning outside at the polo fields in a little west coast drizzle for our church picnic we were looking for something warm and nourishing for dinner.  Tonight we are nestled in with a movie, a delicious homemade soup and are at last unwinding for the first time in what feels like weeks of nonstop action.  This sweet and savoury homemade soup was the perfect answer for our cozy night in, when our energy levels would not have permitted a lengthy labour intensive meal preparation.  Today simplicity truly is best.

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Quinoa and Kale Salad with Agave-Lemon Vinaigrette

20130401-194742.jpgEaster is one of my favourite weekends of the year.  This year was especially spectacular being that the sun was shining brightly down on all of us over here on the west coast.  Jay and I spent the weekend (before he boarded a first class plane to Portland the lucky duck) working out at the ymca, celebrating the season at our church and exploring our new neighbourhood in Cook Street village.   Then, since we have a rather large immediate and extended family, we closed out each evening eating our fill, playing with our nieces and nephews and revelling in what a remarkable family we are blessed to be apart of.

Today’s salad is a potluck sized creation that I took to share at my aunt’s Easter dinner last night.  She is the ultimate queen of hosting who doesn’t bat an eyelash at doing a meal for 35+ several times a year (and she manages to do it all without pinterest.  I know all us 20-somethings are shocked by that level of culinary prowess).  Therefore I always make sure to bring my A-game when heading over to her house for family dinners.  I was asked to bring a non-green salad, and the result was a refreshing and light summer salad that is generous enough to share with a whole gaggle of those you love most.  Continue reading “Quinoa and Kale Salad with Agave-Lemon Vinaigrette”

Energizing Green Soup

20130327-165808.jpgI am back in grade 6 for the start of the term and they are an amazing, energetic bunch.  I honestly don’t think I have had as much fun with a group of students before.  They are eager and exceed expectations routinely.  They are challenging me to be a better teacher by creatively reaching beyond all my instructions. However that also means that the last number of weeks, although spectacular, have also been exhausting.  So tonight I needed a little extra energy (and a hard hit of iron) so I whipped up an antioxidant packed, iron laden energizing soup.  I wasn’t sure if this medley of green veggies would mesh well but the result was a savory, comforting meal that required seconds and thirds.  Continue reading “Energizing Green Soup”

Thai Vegetable Curry

curryMy apologies this post comes a little after the fact, but early last week I had the opportunity to take a moment out of my hectic schedule, unwind and enjoy some home cooked curry with two of the most fantastic and handsome young men I have the pleasure of knowing.  Jacob, my high school prom date, has been a dear friend for 8 years now.  Even though years have passed, geographical location has distanced us physically and the whole growing up thing has happened, I consider myself truly lucky to have him as one of my best friends.  So, when he was back on the island for reading break I was thrilled to monopolize some of his time by enticing him with a warm, savory meal and a little candid conversation.  Although it wasn’t all fun and games, I was sure to put both men to work chopping, mincing and slicing -these men had to work for their supper.

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Nourishing Carrot Ginger Soup

9b0d26b0789711e28ed122000a9f1311_6As a new teacher you are in constant contact with sniffles, runny noses and grubby fingers, and unfortunately you don’t have the immune system of a veteran educator. So in any attempt to reduce the number of times I come down with a cold I have tried to be mindful of my nutrition and weave plenty of fresh ginger root, chili and garlic into my diet. Tonight I whipped up a nourishing and hearty carrot ginger soup with a hint of sweet from the Braeburn apples, which compliments spice of the turmeric perfectly. Now I am off to catch up with some amazing girlfriends over a movie and idle chat (while I secretly oggle her three beautiful children).

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Spicy Tomato Coconut Bisque

ImageFirst and foremost my apologies for the quality of photo.  Until my husband comes home and fixes our iMac I am left to suffer away snapping shots with my iPhone. However, photo quality aside this soup was just what the stomach asked for.  I have been a little under the weather lately, and with Jay away in North Carolina on business my motivation to utilize my culinary prowess has been limited.  So tonight I decided to change my attitude and use figured that a little homemade soup could heal what ails me.  This vegan and paleo friendly bisque uses coconut milk instead of milk to give it a creamy depth and habanero peppers to give it a little bite. The result: Yum. Continue reading “Spicy Tomato Coconut Bisque”