5 NYC Ed Tech Companies Changing the Face of k12 Education

It seems I am always talking about edTech. Technology and learning was my undergraduate research project, and my minor in grad school; I can’t seem to stop talking about it.  My latest article for the Yellin Center is no different. I took some time to brag about some of my favourite edTech companies changing the face of k12 education.  They all just happen to me found in my own back yard. If you are a teacher ramping up for the new school year be sure to check out these awesome tools, or if you are a parent looking to help your child skill build in key areas these tools could make all the difference.  Happy learning! Continue reading “5 NYC Ed Tech Companies Changing the Face of k12 Education”

S’Cool Tools Reviewed by Educators: Google Classroom


I have another EdSurge case study up on this weeks S’Cool Tools! I lent my voice, along with Colorado educator, Tara Gilboa, to talk about the Merits of Google Classroom. This isn’t the first time I have talked up Google Classroom; it has been one of my go-to resources for going paperless in the classroom. So Head over to Ed Surge to check out the latest article on Google Classroom to learn more.

Using the EdSurge Product Index to Find New Learning Tools

I have been collaborating with educators around the web and it has been so, so good. I was sharing with a friend over lunch how it great it feels to no longer be in the very early days of my career. I am still exceptionally young and a novice in the field on whole; however it has been exciting to collaborate and write for various educational outlets over the past several months. I have reached a point in my short career where I now have a touch of experience that is valuable to parents and teachers, which allows me to lend my voice to the bigger mosaic of education. I am not going to lie, it is pretty neat.

One of the communities I am dialed into is EdSurge (stay tuned next week for some new publications coming out that I have done for them).  Many readers have asked me what tools I use for different learning needs, and I am always happy to lend my advice, experience and app reviews. However, this week I am sharing one of my go-to sources for learning about all the new tools and innovations in the educational technology field is EdSurge. This week, in my latest article for the Yellin Center Blog, I wrote about how I use the EdSurge Product Index. So now you can also have access to excellent product reviews to help you locate and integrate 21st century learning tools and ideas! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Using the EdSurge Product Index to Find New Learning Tools”

Great Math Apps for Building Spatial and Reasoning Skills

 We are constantly talking about apps here at the Jordan Project. Whether it is spelling, reading, math or science, there is an app for it.  But as we have reiterated time and again, it can be increasingly difficulty to cull through the swath of resources and pick the tools that will build the skills you desire.  My latest article, which you will find a copy of below, for the Yellin Center covers a few great tools by Carstens Studios for building spatial and reasoning skills. So head over to the Yellin Center Blog or my article below for a detailing of these exceptional math apps.  Continue reading “Great Math Apps for Building Spatial and Reasoning Skills”