Literacy: Print and Play Alphabet Cards with Ten Gameplay Options

These Print & Play Alphabet Cards are a super easy way to start building foundational literacy skills. Whether you’re a teacher using them as a whole class or Center activity, or a mama building skills in your little, they’re a fun, play-based way to grapple with letters.

The activity on my Teacher Pay Teachers store has the introduction for Seven Activities. Including Memory, Snap, Hide & Seek, Sequencing, and Mystery Letter. While this blog post gives you three more ways to use these cards! 10 activities. 1 quick download.

But our favourite game is Go Fish. Simply print (and laminate if you want. I have this $20 AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator at home) two sets of letter cards. Deal out 5 cards per player and leave the rest in the middle as your fishing pile. Take turns picking an opponent to ask, and asking if they have a matching pair for whatever letter you have in your hand. When you find a pair, match them, and put them to the side. If the person you asked doesn’t have the letter you were hoping for, then you Go Fish by picking up a card from the fishing pile in the hope you find a match!

For the Go Fish activity, you could extend this activity even further to include TWO more activities. For example, you could play with letter sounds. Instead of asking for a letter by name, ask if your opponent has “the letter with the sound “ah”?”, in hopes of finding the letter A. Or you could use a starting letter play variation. So ask “do you have the letter that Apple starts with?”

Or you could create an Alphabet Hide & Seek, by hiding the letter cards around your house in places your child could find them.  When they find each card have them tell you either the letter or something that starts with that letter. It will keep them endlessly busy and learning their letters! Now you’ve got 10 gameplay options in your back pocket for one set of printable cards.

It’s one quick set of printable cards, with a whole bunch of gameplay activities! If you are wanting to work on your letters, we also have Print & Play Number Card Games too!

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