Kid Travel: Eating Essentials

Keeping kids fed on the go can be a feat. One thing no one told me about becoming a mother is that I would quickly become a feeding gear sherpa, with pockets upon pockets full of snacks. Figuring out what are the most nutritious, easy travel options is enough to make your head spin. Whether a plane trip or simply a restaurant trip, everything you pack along needs to be combat and light.

It has been a lot of trial and error about what works, and what doesn’t for our on-the-go family. So here is what foods and gear you will find in our travel bag on any given day.

As always, each photo is linked to Amazon.

Food Pouches

They’re our saving grace on the go -whether road trip or plane trip. They’re messless and light (compared to jarred baby food) ways to get fruits, veg, and whole grains into your travelling little. We love the Sprout Organic, the Happy Baby Organic, and Plum Organics. If you’re lucky enough to be in Canada, the Love Child Organics are our favourite of all pouches. Trader Joes also has great apple sauce (with other fruit or veg) in them. Also a big fan!

Creamies, Yogis, and Freeze Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Creamies and Yogis are freeze-dried fruit and veg purée with either coconut milk or yoghurt. Whereas Little Duck does freeze-dried whole fruits and veggies, chopped into child-sized bites. Each snack is an easy, mess-free way to get good food into your kid on the go. Honestly, they make a great snack for the desperate parent who totally forgot to pack themselves snacks too (totally not speaking from experience 😛 ).


We still only have two teeth (our top two? anyone else’s kids have their teeth come in unconventionally?), so finding bars has been a feat at times. But if we break them up, we are a big fan of the RXBAR Kids Real Food Protein BarElla’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers Bars are also a hit when broken up.  The Happy Baby Tot Fiber and Protein Organic Soft-Baked Oat Bar are soft enough for us to manage on our own. We normally always out and about for snack time. So morning snack is almost always a bar and apple sauce pouch. Its our staple.


I’m confident my kid is 95% Cheerios. We pack them up in our LunchBots Stainless Steel Food Container so they’re always on hand. Whether eating out or travelling Cheerios are always in our bag. They’re a little more nutrient dense than puffs. They’re also a great source of whole grains, and their shape prompts fine motor control practice. Win-win.

Travel High Chair

Our first couple trips I tried to go without and just feed Anderson on a towel on the floor – I do not recommend. It only got harder and harder as he got mobile. So on our New York trip, I finally got a travel high chair and it WAS THE BEST TRAVEL CHOICE I HAVE MADE to date. I researched a bunch. This Inglesina Chair is super light, travels easily in a suitcase due to its small size, and fits the widest range of widths of tables. Even when it’s just a trip to grandma’s with multiple grandchildren and limited seating, this chair is one of the best baby gear items we’ve bought.


We travel with a Bumkins Silicone Grip Dish that suctions on to any surface. We got the lid so that if we don’t have a chance to clean it out before we leave a restaurant we can toss the lid on and throw it in the diaper bag to wash later. We also have a set of BEABA baby cutlery. The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is our go-to for drinking, and the lid keeps it from spilling. We have some Bumkins SuperBibs in our diaper bag at all times, which fold down super small and are machine washable.

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