Kid Travel: 6 Tools for Keeping Kids Busy On the Go

We’re keeping the travel with kids vibe going. A bunch of you loved the Print & Play Travel Activities I posted. But you were asking for what other tricks I pack along to keep Anderson from running up and down the aisle like a lunatic, wreaking havoc.

We just set off for Hawaii with Grandma and Grandpa. So these are the activities I packed for our 1-year-old. My goal is always to bring along things that are small and light, but hold interest for longer than a hot minute. For us, tools that can be used in multiple ways is our key to keeping engagement high.

As always, everything is easily linked to Amazon (via the headings) so you can save time and ship them right to your front door.

Scotch Washi Tape

I have a bunch of tape activities that I do with Anderson at home. These can all be done in the confines of a plane seat too. We stick tape to the seat in front of us and peel it off -again, and again, and again. We tape items to the seat or tray table, while Anderson works to get them off. Even just playing with the sticky sensation of a long piece of tape, or a tape ball buys us endless entertainment. The added bonus is that these table activities encourage pincer grasp practice.

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

These are AMAZING. They’re vinyl so they use static cling to adhere to things rather than adhesive. This means Anderson can use them to stick in the book they come with. But they can also be stuck to the chair, windows, or airplane magazines. Since they aren’t adhesive they come right off and we can keep reusing them over and over.

Sticky Notes

We toss a pack of sticky notes into the bag to stick onto all surfaces of the plane. We love pulling them off and putting them back on. We attach several to a water bottle and have him pull them off as he spins the bottle around in his hands. And we can toss them in the recycle on our way out the plane door.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Reusable Activity Pads

These are awesome. My sister-in-law actually gave us these as a gift. You fill the little brush with water and paint away revealing a hidden picture full of colour. When they dry they go back to white, and can be used again. We also like to use the brush to paint other things on the plane, and since it’s only water, it works and no one yells at us for making a mess.

Indestructibles Books

We LOVE books over here. Both at home and on the go these books are a surefire way to keep my kid entertained. We’re very big into pointing and having things named for us. These books are so thin that I can pop 3-5 in my bag and keep bringing out a new one when the first one loses his interest.

Curious Columbus Quiet Book

I’ve been on the hunt for a good quiet book for ages. I considered making my own, but my sewing skills are not near up to par for such a task. So I finally found this one before this trip to Hawaii, and it is AMAZING. Anderson LOVED it. It also teaches critical skills like shoe tying and buttons. So it’s educational, as well as sanity-saving on a 6hr flight with a toddler.

Hope some of these ideas help keep your little person busy. Safe Travels!

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