Sticky Wall Mosaic

Contact paper offers endless activity opportunities. Once I do one sticky paper activity I leave it up for a few weeks, and cycle through different activities until the stickiness finally gives way.


This mosaic activity is one part art project and two parts developmental play. The different textures of the yarn, paper, and sticky paper provide ample sensory experience. Picking up the yarn and paper uses fine motor, pincher grasp skills. While sticking (and removing) parts from the wall provides gross motor practice.


Materials Needed



  1. Cut a section of contact paper and secure it to the wall with painters tape, Sticky side out. (I find this to be the hardest part of the whole activity. Getting it up and then peeling off the backing can be finicky. But push through that and then leave it up for ages to make it worth it :))
  2. Place scrap materials In a bowl or tray.
  3. Let your child explore the materials and arranging them on the sticky wall

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