Kid Travel: Print & Play Travel Activities

spring style inspirationAnderson is a seasoned traveller. I mentioned in his 1-year post that he’s been to 21 cities in his first year of life. We’re about to set off on yet another jet plane in search of some sunshine. Many of you asked how we keep him busy on all the plane, train, boat, and car rides he’s been on or how we make travel with kids seamless (FYI: it’s not. But, to us, the chaos of travel with littles is worth it in the end).

So I figured I would share these Print & Play Travel Activities that I made for a dear friend who is about to get away with her niece and nephew for spring break. These activities are for older kids, but if you have kids who are at the colouring, bingo-playing, scavenger hunting age, these are for you!

I have whipped up both a plane and road trip version. Each Print & Play set only requires the printable and a pencil crayon -so it’s easy to stow away in your diaper bag.

Each play set has four activities. The first is a bingo card. There are multiple bingo cards in case you’re playing with multiple kids -each child can have their own and see who wins! You could even bring along a reward or prize for the kid who takes the cake (or multiple so they keep playing. Encourage them to create a box, or an X, or a full blackout to keep the activity going longer and longer).


The next is a hunt and colour activity. Kids look around to find different items and colour them in when they find them.


The third is a survey activity. Your kids can keep their eyes peeled for different common items as your travelling. They tally up how many they find. The inclusion of some math activities in this bundle makes it a great resource for teachers who need to send “homework” along with students missing school for a trip.


If they’re school-aged, they can then take their tally’s and turn them into a car graph in the fourth activity. Then you can pat yourself on the back that you tricked your kid into doing math on holiday.

Both the airplane and road trip versions are up on my Teachers Pay Teacher’s Store! If you used them tag me on Instagram at @raisingjordans, I would LOVE to see your kids adventures!

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