Wild One: Where The Wild Things Are First Birthday


Anderson is O N E.

It has been quite a year. From a spur of the moment, international move at 6 weeks old, to endless plane, train, boat, and road trips, this kid has lived a lot of life in the past 12 months. We are clocking in at 21 cities visited, and endless adventures had.

We are living away from family and childhood (best) friends. So as the one-year celebration approached I was feeling a little downtrodden that we couldn’t celebrate with those I always imagined being at our first kid’s first birthday. So I swore up and down we weren’t going to do much of anything.

Then I handmade a yarn highchair garland, and everything from there got a little out of hand. We went full on with a Where The Wild Things Are theme, complete with dressing my child up like Max. Honestly, who was I kidding? I am me. I don’t do many things part way.


So we invited Anderson’s best little friend over for brunch, and I planned a first birthday party for two entire children 🙂 and you know what? It was PERFECT. It was better than any vision I had of what a first birthday party should be. Anderson and Grayson were thrilled to be the sole attendees.

I have been getting a bunch of messages asking for recipes. So here is the entire (easily prepped with a toddler underfoot) menu. My goal was to craft a menu that both the big and little people would enjoy. Based on feedback, I would say it worked 🙂


Where the Wild Things Are Brunch Menu

  1. BraveTart Snickerdoodles (with Oreo cookies chopped up and added. Thanks Jay!)
  2. The Food Lab Cinnamon Buns (again, thanks Jay. These were started the night before once Anderson went to bed and put in the oven just before everyone arrived)
  3. Eleven Madison Park Granola (made the day before during nap)
  4. Three types of yogurt
  5. Fruit (grapes, bananas, oranges, and berries)
  6. Scrambled Eggs (started just before everyone arrived)
  7. Organic Chicken Sausages (tossed in the oven 15 minutes before everyone arrived)
  8. Cesars (Because we’re Canadian, DUH! And what Canadian birthday brunch is complete without Cesars?)
  9. Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake


You all were interested in decor as well, and where I found all the items. The answer is always Amazon. Motherhood is busy. If I can’t ship it directly to my front door, I am not doing it. The images below are linked to Amazon so you can easily get them into your cart and to your front door as well 🙂

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