Using the EdSurge Product Index to Find New Learning Tools

I have been collaborating with educators around the web and it has been so, so good. I was sharing with a friend over lunch how it great it feels to no longer be in the very early days of my career. I am still exceptionally young and a novice in the field on whole; however it has been exciting to collaborate and write for various educational outlets over the past several months. I have reached a point in my short career where I now have a touch of experience that is valuable to parents and teachers, which allows me to lend my voice to the bigger mosaic of education. I am not going to lie, it is pretty neat.

One of the communities I am dialed into is EdSurge (stay tuned next week for some new publications coming out that I have done for them).  Many readers have asked me what tools I use for different learning needs, and I am always happy to lend my advice, experience and app reviews. However, this week I am sharing one of my go-to sources for learning about all the new tools and innovations in the educational technology field is EdSurge. This week, in my latest article for the Yellin Center Blog, I wrote about how I use the EdSurge Product Index. So now you can also have access to excellent product reviews to help you locate and integrate 21st century learning tools and ideas! Enjoy 🙂


Here at The Yellin Center, we share our professional insights for parents, teachers, and students through this blog. In addition, from time to time, your blogger shares ideas with fellow educators over at EdSurge. EdSurge is an online resource and community of edTech minded educators. It is a site that helps parents and teachers stay abreast of the latest research and news in the educational technology field. It also provides a collaborative platform for teachers and parents to share their insights and ideas on what works and what doesn’t when teaching 21st century learners.

We do a lot of app reviews here on the Yellin Center Blog, but there are still many areas under the ed Tech umbrella that we have yet to write about. So, if there is a topic you can’t find on our blog, please let us know and we will be happy to research your area of interest. If you have a burning question, the odds are many of our other readers do as well.

However, in the short term while you wait for our review, you could head over to the EdSurge Product Index to see if you can locate tools for your specific need. They have been developing a treasure trove of resources that are helpful for parents, teachers and students. EdSurge breaks down their resource lists into categories; there are tools for learning, teaching, school operations, and higher education needs. Within each category you can often limit the search parameters to age, tech requirements (e.g. iPad, iPhone, computer etc.) and cost. Reviews often provide a detailed overview, pricing, teaching methods/characteristic of the product, and videos or images. If you are looking for a specific resource or looking to compare differing tools, EdSurge has an Edtech Concierge service that can help you in your search. Throughout my career as a teacher and learning specialist, EdSurge has helped me locate and evaluate several exceptional tools to meet my students’ unique needs.

EdSurge provides a great collaborative space where you can ask questions and read reviews by real-world educators. It provides a platform to connect with other educators who are grappling with the same 21st century learning concerns. If you are looking to connect in a deeper way with the edTech community, EdSurge also shares professional development and learning events going on in several cities in North America. So, whether you are scouring their databases for a specific tool or using them to find a local learning event, EdSurge is always a great resource to help you connect to the diverse community of educational technology minded educators.

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