How We Meal Plan and this Weeks Inspiration

 We have talked before about our philosophy behind how we eat.  We strive to eat whole foods, and make most of our meals in house so we don’t do anything to supplement our nutritional needs in terms of different diets and cleanses. So many fellow New Yorkers balk at our lofty goals, exclaiming they just don’t have anytime left in the day to meal prep or cook.  I totally get that. It isn’t always easy which is why we strive to make all the recipes here at the Jordan Project fast and simple. 

We also have a few other tricks up our sleeve and corners we cut to help us in our pursuit of a whole food based diet. One key strategy is setting aside time for weekly meal planning.  I map out my meals and draw up a grocery list every Friday or Saturday. We eat the same things for breakfast everyday so that takes care of one meal (scrambled eggs with spinach for Jameson and a smoothie with whatever is lying around for me).  For the remaining meals I map out all our dinners for the week with the goal of making big batch recipes which yield leftovers for lunches the next day. So we tend to favor (fast) soups, chilis, curry, and large one pot dishes like casseroles and bakes. So that takes care of all three main meals of the day, and leaves me only having to prepare one dish a day.

Each week I use a lot of my own recipes I have created, and the rest I cull from other amazing food bloggers using Pinterest. I am constantly searching for “fast paleo dinners”, “vegan one pot meals” or “quick whole 30 suppers” and pinning like it is my full-time job. Then each week during my meal planning sesh I sort though some of the new ideas I have acquired and test them out. I often modify and substitute any ingredients that don’t fit within the way we try to eat. But there are so many talented food bloggers out there creating amazing dishes that will inspire chefs of any ability.

Here are five few gems I have found recently!

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