Teachable Moment: Thanksgiving Resources

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am sure many of you are busily prepping your holiday Turkeys and readying your cranberry sauce. We too are busy organizing our long weekend adventures. Being a CanaCapturedian living in NYC, I have already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving.  That, however, doesn’t dampen my excitement for American Thanksgiving which is coming up this month.  I have been busily creating some fun holiday activities for both home and school.

The first is a free Thanksgiving word search which can be downloaded at my teacher’s pay teachers store.It is a pretty straight forward activity that I usually have on hand for an early finisher resources.

The second activity is one of my favourites for helping kids hone in on the sCapture2entiment of the season.  Head over to my store to download my What I am Thankful For handout. The aim of the activity is to have a child brainstorm something they are thankful for that aligns with each letter of the alphabet.  If I am doing this activity in the classroom I will often turn it into a math lesson by gathering all the responses for certain letters then graphing the results as a class.  This helps students master some of the graphing and data analysis learning outcomes.  However, it also Capture3highlights what the class is thankful for and always leads to a great classroom discussion.

The last resource is a fun, at home Thanksgiving activity.  It is a great way to keep little minds busy as you are prepping your Thanksgiving feasts.  You can download my Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt on my TpT store also.  Doll out a copy of the scavenger hunt to each child and send them on their way to hunt for all the Thanksgiving and fall items.  I usually have prizes on hand for those who complete the whole chart.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Teachable Moment: Thanksgiving Resources

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