Khan Academy is growing and I for one am excited!

khan You might be familiar with Khan Academy as a free, online resource to help students in grade K through 12 master difficult mathematical concepts.  However, Khan is quickly turning into so much more.  Through a series of excellent partnerships Khan is rapidly expanding the breadth and range of topics they cover.  Khan’s latest partnership is with the CollgeBoard to bring free, dynamic, robust SAT prep to anyone with internet access.  The conversation around this innovative, and disruptive resource is that perhaps this will have the power to level the playing fields for all college seniors in the country and better prepare them for college. However, Khan’s test prep ventures don’t stop with the SAT. Khan Academy currently also offers free, digital resources to help students prep for the GMAT, MCAT, NCLEX-RN (nursing exam) and CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam). But Khan isn’t just focusing on standardized test prep in order to help make America’s students college ready. Khan Academy has also curated a wealth of resources to help students navigate the intricacies of college admissions. This takes Khan’s merits beyond the mathematics classrom, making it an invaluable resource for any high school student, guidance counselor or dynamite teacher.

Read more about the great things Khan is doing in my Article for the Yellin Center in New York City.

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