My second print article is out in Canadian Teacher!

Canadian TeacherIt has truly been a huge week! I had my first print article come out in Canadian Student magazine about life as an international student at Columbia University.  Now I have had my second print article published- this time in Canadian Teacher magazine.  Canadian Teacher is an amazing professional magazine aimed at discussing the current trends and methodologies in twenty-first century learning.  My particular article focuses on a few of my favourite Ed Tech tools for empowering struggling writers.  In the piece I dig into the advantages of using Storybird, Essay Express, Stationary Studio and Comic Life in the classroom.  Each of these exceptional tools provide an engaging, dynamic way to engage reluctant writers, while building their skills in a personalized and differentiated manner.  You can read my specific article, Beyond_Paper, or if you are interested take a look at the entire issue- there are a number of exceptional and informational articles in the Spring edition of Canadian Teacher.

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