Kindergarten Readiness

SesameworkshopataglanceMy new article on Kindergarten Readiness is up on the Yellin Center Blog.  So often parents are unsure how to gauge the readiness of their child, or if they are developmentally on course to being a successful kindergarten learner.  Sesame Workshop, the amazing research engine behind Sesame Street, has recognized parents’ concerns and also the marked discrepancy in early learner readiness (their Kindergartners’ Skills at School Entry report released in July 2014 reveals 44% of children entering school with one or more risk factors that have the potential to impact their success in school).  As such they have made public their research data on kindergarten readiness, as well as the robust Framework that they use to inform the creation of their exceptionally educationally sound programming. So head over to my article to read about the Kindergarten Readiness Framework, and how to use it to understand or prepare your child for school.

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