Emily Cuthbert Designs has LAUNCHED


From time to time we detail some of our favourite products and friends.  So when I awoke this morning to an e-mail from Emily (yeah, I am like totally in the know. No big deal) informing me that today was THE day, I knew I had to bring all of you the good news.  The amazing, talented mama behind Emily Cuthbert Designs has officially launched her store. Head over to check out some of the incredible prints, design services and stationary she has thoughtfully created.


Now be aware, that this is shameless promotion of a girl we Jordan’s have done life with for a very, very long time.  Jameson has known Em since she was in diapers (ask him for an embarrassing story or two he LOVES to share them), and I have been privileged to call her friend since my first day of high school.  We have watched her grow in the face of joy and struggle into the creative, seriously gifted woman she is today. However, don’t think these praises come simply because I have known her since she had braces. Regardless of my personal feelings about this amazing woman, her talent speaks for itself.  Seriously, just go peruse her Instagram and you can see for yourself that creating an elegant, curated life is her daily practice -whether it is her baby girl’s on point outfit, her own aesthetic or the design of her home. So when she announced to the world that (on top of being a wife and mother) she was going to launch her own stationary and design store, Jay and I had no doubt the end result was going to be stunning.

To exemplify her natural prowess I will share a story.  In freshman year I served beside Em at our Victoria church where we  undertook a redesign of the youth room (in the pre-pinterest era I might add).  Truth be told, Em tackled a large majority of the work, and thankfully she did.  I mean, we wound up with a youth room candy bar before candy bars were even a thing (#trendsetter). So if this alone doesn’t exemplify that creating and curating has been in this girl’s blood since infancy I don’t know what else could. So seriously don’t hesitate to check out her fall collection, you are bound to be inspired.  As for me, I am angling to pick up this notebook to make my Manhattan office space a little more whimsical (but I may hold out for her Christmas line to be launched. I hear it is going to be amazing).

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