Get Out Of Town: Provincetown and Cape Cod


Jameson was up in Boston again this week for work, and took Fab along with him.  I made the journey up on Friday night after work to join them, and spend the night at our favourite Boston hotel, The Fairmont Copley Plaza.  Saturday morning, we nabbed Aaron before heading off on a road trip to Cape Cod. It is a little past peak season, and many summer establishments are more or less in the tail ends of operations before closing for the winter.  Personally, I am actually glad we waited until fall to explore the Cape because the New England colors made for a seriously breathtaking drive.  So regardless of the timing we LOVED every second of our mini vacation. The beauty of the ocean, the quirkiness of the Ptown and the sheer, utter friendliness of the people blew us away.  It was the perfect weekend escape from the city.  We didn’t do much other than scout out places to eat, sip wine by the fire pit and walk the beach.  It was perfection in its truest form. Our recommendations for a quick weekend getaway in Cape Cod would have to be:

1. Stay in Provincetown

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It is at the very end of the Cape, but the seemingly long drive is so worth it.  This seaside town is beautiful, quaint and wonderfully progressive. It felt a little like being back on Vancouver Island in that regard.  Everyone stops to chat as you walk down the street, and since everyone knows how much I love to talk this is my idea of bliss. I don’t think I have the words to describe Ptown adequately so I will just leave it up to you to explore on your own.

2. Wired Puppy

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You know how much my affinity for coffee has grown in the few short months since I discovered its merits. So we were sure to find a perfect little place to get caffeinated.  Wired Puppy was the perfect fit.  Our suggestion would be to grab your coffee to go, and head down the alley beside the shop to wind up the beach.  Their coffee really is best enjoyed while walking down the beach watching the sunset.  However, if you are more inclined to stay indoors you can take your pup with you because Wire Puppy is completely dog friendly.

3. Breakfast on the Beach

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We started our Sunday morning off by grabbing breakfast to go from Cafe Heaven before heading down to the beach.   However, breakfast would have been incomplete without a coffee from Kohi, which gets our resounding recommendation.  The boys behind the counter were friendly, the view is spectacular and their coffee exceptional.

4. Eat Anything at Canteen

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Seriously, their brussel sprouts alone tempted us to uproot life in NYC and make a permanent move to Ptown. Their food is exceptional. If there was an adjective that held more weight and emphasis than exceptional I would use that.  Canteen is seriously that good. The ambiance and aesthetic also added undeniable merit.  My recommendation would be to snag a seat in their backyard patio, where you can dine at a large, wooden common table under strings of lights as you soak in the view of the ocean.

5. Sunsets

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Apparently Herring Cove is where the best sunsets are seen. We didn’t make it out that far but I feel you would be hard pressed not to enjoy the sunset from any of the Ptown beaches.  So regardless of where you are, when the sun begins to set head down to a beach and savor it.

2 thoughts on “Get Out Of Town: Provincetown and Cape Cod

  1. Sounds absolutely lovely, you make it sound so inviting. I just love your writing and your adventures. I pray the Lord continues to watch over you both and also provides continuous safe travels for Jay. Love Linda

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