Get Out of Town: Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary in Victoria

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It was our fifth wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and we managed to wrangle a trip back to the island at the same time.  This meant Jay and I were able to steal a room at the Fairmont Empress, which was actually directly across the hall from where we spent our wedding night (swoon).  We love the Fairmont brand, and after working there for 8 years and now with Jay having a jet setting career we have managed to stay at over 22 of their properties.  So that being said the Empress is very near and dear to our hearts.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

We started off by spending 4 hours at the spa.  All I have as a memento of our luxurious afternoons of mineral soaks and couples massages is the following very cheesy selfie.  (My first and last bathroom selfie I will have you know).  If you are in Victoria and have a chance take time out to indulge in the Willow Stream Spa.  This is our second visit this year and I cannot wait to go back again.

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Ocean view rooms, luxury hotels, Empress Room Breakfasts and spa days aside I think by far the most touching aspect of our anniversary was returning to our room to find a note, chocolates and champagne from our dear friends Wil and Pat.  Now this is where the story gets good.  The Fairmont slogan is “Turning moments into memories” and after a lengthy high school and collegiate career in their house keeping department it was actually me who had my moment turned into a memory by two very special former Empress guests.  It won’t come as a shock that I am chatty, so while working at the hotel I befriended two exceptional guests.  One who is a former teacher and has served as a vital resource and sense of inspiration as I navigate the early years of my career.  She is my sounding board.  We are in regular contact and they even took time out to show us around their hometown of Newport Beach when I tagged along on Jay’s business trip last spring.  They are such a dynamite couple.  Jay and I routinely look at them, and the longevity of their loving marriage and talk about one day “being Wil and Pat”.  They shower us with support and encouragement, all the while being a vibrant and dynamic couple.

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So thanks to their sweetness, Jay and I sat in our window seat sipping champagne as the sunset set.  We spoke of the highlights of our last five years together and dreamed about what the next five would bring. It was the perfect moment to end our perfect 5th year of marriage.  Thank you, Wil and Pat.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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