Happy 5th Anniversary Jameson John.


Five years of marriage.  When did that happen?


For the most part, as you know, we (mostly me) try really hard not to be a coupley couple.  However, on the occasion of our anniversary I feel it is only fair to let the flood gates open and gush.  So consider yourself warned that what follows is a mushy, overly sappy, sentimental account of how thankful I am to call Jameson my husband. Seriously though, this man of mine is so much more than a pretty face.



Jameson, these past five years have seen us graduate three degrees, buy a house, take road trip after road trip and move to New York City.  Through each and every adventure I have counted myself lucky to share this abundant life with you.  I could not have asked for a better team mate.  There isn’t a person who could possibly respect or honour me more.   I have been so blessed to come to know what it means to be loved so wholly by another person.  It makes me giggle at high school Renée and any of the times she thought she may have found the real deal (Sorry Jacob.  The role of supremely awesome best friend is still forever and always yours).   I have been so beyond fortunate to marry my first and only love.


Last year I shared our wedding photos, this year I figured I would throw it back even further and give  a glimpse into our engagement photos.  We were young, in love and had very questionable fashion sense (check out Jay’s chain and his shirt matching nike kicks).


When I think back to the day we took these photos I remember how full of excitement and dreams we both were.  We were looking for our first apartment together, picking out china patterns and planning an entirely new life.  It felt as if the entire world was opening in front of us.  These past five years have seen us chase and accomplish many of those dreams.  We are now five years into a life time together and I cannot wait to see what comes next (/babies?).  Sometimes I worry because I think it cannot possibly get any better than this, but then I remember that it is you who am I doing life with.  So it won’t matter where we go or what careers we have.  This thing, this us thing, is more than enough and it seems to just keep getting better with age.



So, thank you Jameson for standing by me, dreaming with me and faithfully taking on all God has offered to us. I was so young when you asked me to marry you, and I didn’t realize at the time all of the aspects of who you are that would make you exactly the husband I would need.  At the time I simply knew I loved you and wanted to share every day of my life with you.  I didn’t know how much your work ethic, your ambition, your thoughtfulness and the unparalleled level of care you show me would be the foundation I needed to face any hurdle or challenge in life.


Together, we have a pretty unbelievable life.  I love you.




One thought on “Happy 5th Anniversary Jameson John.

  1. I love this! Love the photos! Wow Renee, when God says honor your husband you have done it in spades! This is beautiful and so inspiring. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the two of you next but one thin pg I know is that He had rooted you in a deep everlasting love not only for Him but for each other. You will make amazing parents when the time comes too. I prY the Lord’s richest blessings upon you on your 5th Anniversary! Have a wonderful day and may there be another 75 yrs at least to come!!!!! Love in Christ Linda!!!

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