Get Out of Town: Las Vegas

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Sorry for the delay! I was fortunate enough to celebrate a dear friend’s pending marriage (and my 26th birthday) with eight exceptional women.

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I share a 21 year history with many of these women. We have shared our first kisses, marriages and babies with one another. All my memories of school dances, birthdays, Christmas parties and the time I shaved my legs even though my mom told me I was too young are colored with these women.

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I have left one of these girls hanging by her hair from a swing set and she found it in her seven year old heart to forgive me. Hold on, before you judge me she did get me back by forcing me to be the  yellow power ranger when she got to be the pink each time we played. Two others coached me into marriage with sex advice. Another sat beside me as I bravely told my entire kindergarten class I was adopted and still is there to be my sounding board today as I work out exactly what that means.

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Together, we have been each other’s safe place to vent about those moments in life that you just can’t face alone.  Tears are okay. Anger is accepted.  And no conversation topic is ever out of bounds. I think that is what I cherish most.

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There have been years that have gone by when we haven’t intentionally set aside time for one another. Yet no distance, no monumental life change and no man has ever diminished the strength of the glue that keeps us firmly entrenched in each others lives.  I for one wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I am stunned and awed at the remarkable, strong, vibrant women these girls have grown up to be.

I am truly honoured to be able to share life with these true beauties.

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As for the rest of the world, it better look out because these ladies are going to kick some serious butt (and I for one can’t wait to reminisce about it all with our walkers under our hands and dentures for teeth)

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So congratulations Nat and Mattie!

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We cannot wait to celebrate you next month. Thanks for the excuse to allow all us girls to have an extended sleepover in Vegas.

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