Teacher Strike in British Columbia

Teacher Strike in British Columbia

I don’t fancy myself a die hard unionist, and it is difficult being across the continent when my school district is on strike.  I am reading all I can digest from both sides, and talking with my teacher friends about the political climate in BC schools at the moment. I also have a brother who is a strong, assertive, kick ass teacher, who happens to also be well versed on the topic.  I have been browsing the social media comments from teachers and the general public, some which frustrate me and others that make me stop and think. So luckily I am able to be kept in the loop even with geography limiting my influence.  Through it all I am trying to sort out my stance on the matter as I watch it unfold from a far.  This morning I read a teacher blog, and although I don’t share all her beliefs I feel like she did an excellent job summing up and articulating the teachers position in layman’s terms for students and the public alike.

At the end of the day I believe in BC education.  So much so that much to the chagrin of all New Yorkers I routinely brag to about how exceptional the schools I have taught in are.  We are progressive and we are innovative.  I have shared staff rooms with some of the most inspirational teachers.  So I know there is a middle ground that can be reached that will better serve our students, teachers and government.  After a year working in a Harlem public school, I see a lot of strength in the BC education system, but I am also mindful that we have such a robust team of teachers and educational resources because teachers before me fought for them.  So, now, today we need to move forward, and not further dismantle the state of our publicly funded education system.

One thought on “Teacher Strike in British Columbia

  1. Good comments Renee. It is really a nightmare dealing with this government. BOTH sides need to work at ironing this out.

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