A Grad School Elective: Intro to Digital Photograhy


So summer semester is up and in full swing.  You don’t have to feel too sorry for me though, I loaded my schedule with classes like Introduction to Digital Photography and the Equitable distribution of technology based on race, gender and poverty.  So even when the weather is nice outside at least what I am stuck inside learning is worth while.  Today was our first stab at the whole photography thing.  Our assignment was to go and take photos knowing nothing about how to take photos, just to see what we liked, what worked and what subject matter motivated the best photos out of us.  As a result my prof thinks my entire series this semester should focus on Fab, Jay and Olie… so warning you may end up being flooded with images of those three very handsome men.

Please be kind. I have lots to learn but I am excited to learn it 🙂

DSC_2597 copy



DSC_2555 copyDSC_2589 copyShawdowDSC_2606 copyDSC_2578 copyDSC_2542 copyDSC_2473 copyDSC_2608 copy


One thought on “A Grad School Elective: Intro to Digital Photograhy

  1. Renée, your photos share the exact same sense of calm and serenity that you do as a human. What an exciting class you have lined up!

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