Playing Tourist: Arts, Food and Athletics in NYC

For the most part Jay and I save the “touristy” things to do until we have guests in town. This works out well since we never have to wait long since. We have had at least one set of visitors come stay with us every month since we moved to New York (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

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This past week Keana and Teri brought a little bit of the west coast to us in the east.  We were so lucky to have them both, and we carved time out of our daily lives to dive into the arts, food and fitness cultures that pervade NYC living.  

We started the morning off in Bryant Park with a free Yoga practice put on by Athleta. New Yorkers and visitors alike, grab your stretchy pants and head to the park Tuesdays at 10am or Thursdays at 6pm.  It is so worth it. Fresh air, morning sunshine and a small piece of stillness in the heart of a bustling city. What could be more invigorating?

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We dined at a number of our staples. I you may be tired of listening to me tout Green Table and Mel’s but I am very sorry they are too good not to make repeat appearances.  We also took advantage of the stellar New York spring weather and tested out a few new roof tops, like Gallow Greens where the ambience is as magical as the drinks were magnificent.

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We also took in a couple shows, both on and off Broadway.  Kinky Boots made me laugh and cry -sometimes at the same time. There is a reason this show has to many Tony’s behind it. The underlying message, the score and the performance quality were all astounding.  If you are able to snag a couple student rush tickets (the show can be rather pricey) it is SO worth the price of admission.

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Now, the best has been saved for last. The girls, so graciously and kindly surprised me with tickets to Sleep No More (I couldn’t have been more grateful or touched by their generosity).  The show is an interactive, live theatre adaption of Macbeth.  This was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I immediately left trying to find friends to go with me again.  All of us had such different experiences with the play that you could easily go again, and again (this has been irresolutely added to my must do city guide to New York I have compiled for our guests).   But don’t take my word for it, go, take it all in and make your own decision on this truly unique experience. Even if contemporary theatre isn’t your thing, you will not be sorry you ventured out of your comfort zone.

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We are sad to see them both go, but so thankful that they came.  There is just so much to do in New York, that we find having those we hold dear coming to town is the best way to experience it all.  We have cultivated quite the list of must do NYC activities in the short 9 months we have lived here. So whose coming next to help us discover our city next?

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