6 month-versary: A Few of our Favourite (NYC) things


This post is a touch overdue, but nonetheless it is hard to believe that it has been over six months since we packed up and set off for Manhattan.  These past months have been some of the most exciting, invigorating, and stretching of our young lives.  Jay just flew home from a Boston to Miami to Colorado Springs to Virginia business trip, and as we sipped green tea on the floor of our kitchen catching up on our week apart we began reminiscing about this unbelievable journey we are on.  It is cheesy, and mushy and painfully cliché but we are both so wholly in love with our life.  We are in agreement that no matter where life takes us next, we will always look back on our time in New York as one of the best, most exciting, most spine tingling spectacular seasons of our marriage.  We are in awe of the growing that has happened in us individually and together.  So in love with the friends we have made here.  So inspired by the art and community we have been able to soak in.  Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all be rosy.  Uprooting and replanting has had its fair share of adjustments and longings as well, but slowly, over time those have turned out to be a beautiful reformation process for me.  I have a cherished New York friend (who I would be lost without) who has lovingly and thoughtfully listened to me voice all my concerns and worries in painfully rich detail and on repeat.  She told me it has been such a joy for her to watch my little mind expand as my vision for our future grows.  The result is that now as we move forward to the rest of our time in NYC, to graduation, to job hunting and to family planning we go with an even more open heart, broadened minds and a whole bundle of faith that what comes next will be equally as amazing.

In celebration of our six month-versary we have detailed a list of some of our NYC favorites which help make this adventure just a little sweeter. 

1. Grocery Store: Trader Joes

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Yes, us and the rest of Manhattan.  If you were to walk by the Upper West Side location on a Sunday night or Monday afternoon judging by the line you would witness just to get into the store, you would be left thing that TJ’s was one of NYC hottest new spots.  Either way, their affordable goods and abundant organic fare makes Trader Joes a staple in our household. Be ware of the mini peanut butter cups though, they are lethally amazing.

2. Coffee Shop: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

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This place feels like home.  It is a little slice of organic, home grown, west coast goodness in the heart of this metropolitan nirvana. Irving Farm roasts all their coffee up state in the Hudson Valley, and grows the ingredients for their menu items and baked goods on the same quaint farm.  They also contentiously source all their beans, and strive to build sustainable partnerships with all their vendors.  Best news: You can order stuff online too.

3. Staple Restaurant: Mel’s Burger Bar


Mel’s serves fresh to order non-traditional burgers and an extensive beer list.  Jay is currently making his way through the Mel’s Beer Club that requires you to sample each of their 40 beers and as a reward you get baptized in beer and your name on a plaque.  It is good that he has such lofty life goals. 

4. Time Saver: Fresh Direct

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As much as we love Trader Joes, life in the city can be busy (or cold) and sometimes it is nice to have the option to order all your groceries online and have them shipped to your apartment door.  Fresh Direct has a great selection and not having to cart your bags of goods back up city streets is a wild awesome perk.

5. Gym: Crossfit NYC

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This one is from Jay.  Five or more nights a week Jay spends his time working out with the competition team at Crossfit NYC.  From the workouts to the community he is loving every aspect.  Currently, he is working towards a competition at Giants Stadium this May, so there will be more on that later.

6. Running Route: Riverside Park

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Snow or shine, Riverside Park is my go to running route.  The park runs a span of over 60 blocks, and follows the shoreline of the Hudson River.  We live near Central Park, but Riverside has paths that are a little less densely packed with joggers and strollers which leaves it as my top choice for a morning run.

5 thoughts on “6 month-versary: A Few of our Favourite (NYC) things

  1. A great reflection on your journey. You may remember that at one point early on when you were feeling the pangs of homesickness and your life in Victoria, that in time you would feel somewhat differently and make a successful transition in your new home. It is never easy to do change and when your heart and 99.9% of your life has been in one place it is the ultimate challenge. You have done amazingly well and as your Dad since you came home from the hospital in June 1988 I have been immensely proud of what you have accomplished. You have amazing resolve and a hunger for learning and to improve in whatever you undertake…not everyone has that. I miss out time together, however short the visits have been. Some of the best times were your visits to Hornby with a friend. Whaling Station, Big Trib.
    Your journey continues to be a wonderful experience with much more to come. Love You….Dad xoo

  2. Thank you for your reflections they are so beautiful! Seriously if you ever decide to write a book I will buy it! Love reading your blogs, so real, informative, fun and filled with awe and wonder and adventure for the everydayness of life. Love you, Aunty

    1. Thank you so much auntie 🙂 that made my week. I so appreciate your words and support. I love you and will see you and mom in just a few weeks in nyc!!! Have a safe trip to Zambia

  3. Dear Renee, how I love to read your blogs and learn of your newest adventures. It is hard to believe it has been over 6 months already and you have really become bonified New Yorkers!!! You never cease to amaze me how you both embrace life to its fullest and are willing to go out and explore every corner and taste each new adventure, ready for whatever God has in store for you next. I think it is your complete trust and faith in Him that has kept you steadfast and on solid ground and allowed you to bloom and grow where you have been planted. Your relationship as husband and wife also plays a big part in this because you truly are best friends as well as being completely head over heels in love with each other. I can tell how much you admire him and he you and how much you just enjoy each other’s company. You cannot lose when you are not only in love with Jesus but with each other and willing to to step out in faith, conquer and possess!!! Thank you for taking us on such an amazing journey and causing us to fall in love with New York along with you. One day we will all be enjoying a great read when we open up your book of adventures. May the Lord continue to bless you both and grant you wisdom and discernment as you make decisions on the next few months to come. Love Linda

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