Teaching Moments: Fundraiser Dance


If you remember I was making (inexpensive and easy) costumes for three dances I choreographed for my students to preform at fundraiser for their Autism education program and other center related programs for new immigrant families in Chinatown.  Well yesterday was performance day.  Even with gales of blustering wind, and a mass outpouring of snow, the event was a success.  The patrons who managed to brave the treacherous winter conditions were a incredibly enthusiastic audience as they watched my students dance, listened to piano performances and purchased student art from the art show.   


Due to privacy laws I sadly can’t post any photos of my little dancers but rest assured they were adorable and stole the show.  All of my students have autism,  and every single one was brave enough to get up and preform in front of a crowd.  My teacher pride is abounding. Some didn’t wear a costumes due to sensory issues and some free-styled their own moves and that was totally, wonderfully, perfectly awesome.  They were exceptional. We even had a couple dancers jump in for the last two performances because my students made it look like such a good time.  I was set up in the front row modeling the dances, which meant that our newest dancers could jump in and follow along.  It was a serious amount of fun.


Jay was there snapping photos and being an overall support. I think at the end of the afternoon he walked away with a new respect for my vocation of choice. He hasn’t stopped praising me or gushing over the cuteness of my dancers.


The heart warming response from the leaders of the center and their parents was more gracious than I could have ever imagined.  Both Jay and I were so touched by the comments, thanks and warm hugs I received.  So the real thank you goes to all those who thanked me because they (and their children) filled this little heart to overflowing.

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One thought on “Teaching Moments: Fundraiser Dance

  1. You have really struck a chord there with what you can bring to enrich the lives of others. I am so proud of you for doing all of this. Getting involved in some positive way is special as not everyone can do it. Glad that it all went well for everyone…especially the kids !!!!…..Love..Dad.

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