Superbowl 48

As blasphemous as the following statement will be in this great country, I really am not even slightly passionate about football. My disposition is ambivalent, mostly I am sure because I am uneducated in the area.  For example, yesterday Jay was watching a basketball game with a friend and began commenting on field goals.  I very smugly retorted that he referring to the wrong sport, because there were simply no field goals in basketball.  I was quickly schooled on the ways of sports, and so decided then and there to give up trying to wrap my head around it all.  However, sporting event related food? Team spirit? Athletic related parties? Excessive cheering? Now those are things I can build up gusto for.

Our weekend began with the arrival of this guy after he scored tickets to the big game.

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We spent Friday night at the Superbowl Boulevard checking out the festivities.  Times square managed to be madder than its regular madness but it was worth it.

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As for Game day we sent Justin off to Metlife stadium and I began prepping the Superbowl Party Jay had orchestrated the night before while I slept.  Many wives might be stressed to down right indignant after being informed that their loving hubby had invited a house full of people over and she had 10 hours whip up an event.  I on the other hand have really, really missed hosting (and the couple he invited are down right awesome).  I never realized how much I identify being the host of gatherings, or how much joy I elicit from fashioning great evenings for those I cherish.  So with that in mind I jumped at the chance to exercise my hosting muscles here in NYC.


I leapt out of bed to craft a menu, then bundled Jay off to Whole Foods with me to shop before tasking him with a slew of cleaning assignments to conquer.  The result was a great, homemade, from scratch feast of snacks, dips and treats that were enjoyed and devoured by the exceptional crew we spent the night with.  So please enjoy the visual sampling of our team themed caramel corn, football rice krispies and football ice cream sandwiches.


From texts, to thank you’s to Instagram shout outs the appreciation and love showered from my honored guests was a enough to make my little, homemaker heart sing.  I will be riding this hostessing high for a while to come.

20140203-094443.jpg 20140203-094435.jpg

At the end of the day it was an exceptional evening, well spent with equally wonderful people.  It was a very good reminder that I need to crave out more time for food, friends and festivities, rather than staying cooped up in my apartment with textbooks worrying about my 4.0 GPA.  At the end of the day, the true joy of life is found in those you share it.

3 thoughts on “Superbowl 48

  1. You are so right!-it is so worth it. We did the same thing-invited over some dear friends, made some tasty home made snacks, and ate our way through a very one sided game. It was great to spend time with old friends(Jeff has known the husband since school/football days), eat yummy snacks and relax! We should all do it more often-life tends to get in the way of those special days. Bon appetit!!

  2. Hello my daughter/hostess extraordinaire !!! Great post. too funny about the “field goals”. I suppose I should have given you more “coaching” in your younger years about my past regarding playing both sports where “field goals” are scored. I suspect I must have noticed that you were definitely not interested when I was watching most sports religiously most weekends.
    I must admit that my seven years of playing football from Gr.11to U of A took its toll on my body so my enthusiasm for the game itself has wained. Six knee surgeries (including replacement of the rt. one), broken ulna/radius; broken nose(x2); broken finger; two badly sprained ankles; one black eye and numerous bruises, one wonders about the sanity of the “game” and why one would play it…….it was “fun” at the time and I was young…….ha,ha….some kind of rationale ??
    Love you…..yay Seahawks !! xo

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