Home is Where the Heart is

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I am sitting here on my mom’s couch (American Translation: Sofa), not even having left the west coast yet, already going through a bout of recurring homesickness.  I will miss the people and I will miss the beauty.  However, during our time here I have come to realize just how spectacular and uniquely special it is that Jay and I get to call two very dynamic, wonderful cities home.  I am in love with New York for all the bustle and activity it offers that Victoria doesn’t, while I cherish Victoria for all the charm, relaxed island pace and warmth that New York misses.

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We have been insanely over programmed since we have been home, seeing three or four groups of loved ones per day and I wouldn’t change that for a second.  It is funny, for those of you who know me know I tend to over think most things, and contemplate every aspect of life deeply.  So naturally, in traditional Renée fashion I was a little nervous before we came back to the island and apprehensive of what it was going to be like.  Before we moved I had been told time and again that I would come home changed by my fabulous life in the City.   Most of what speculators envisioned for me what that I would be recast into a high-heel clicking, cosmopoltian sipping shadow of a Sex in the City character.   I worried  about letting them down when I did not return as  this new, shiny, refined urbanite,  or even worse that perhaps they would assess any new apparel or ideas I held as evidence to support this misguided notion of who I should be.  I came home to not a single fear being affirmed, what I found instead was one of the warmest, most loving, soul fortifying welcomes I have ever received.  Jay and I are loved, in the truest meaning of the word.

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So that being said we filled our time at home by soaking in all our friends and family.  What follows is less of a well defined written exposition and more of a photo outpouring of the cell phone snapped moments we enjoyed with some of the people who make our world go around.

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We also cuddled a lot of babies -I mean a lot.  Since moving we have had a plethora of dear friends welcome the most perfect little additions to their families.  Reflecting back I don’t think there was a greater highlight of our time home than finally being able to meet the newest babies and catch up with their wonderful parents.  I am surrounded by so many inspirational women who love their children so wholly, and find so much joy in the unpredictability of motherhood.   Each of them leave me excited for the future, and the time when Jay and I decide to grow our little family.

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Also, in fine Westcoast tradition we sipped a lot of coffee.  Victoria has an exceptional Foodie culture, and there are a few things I haven’t been able to replicate in New York (I know you are all shocked but some things like the Chinatown Habit,  Pink Bike, Union Pacific and 2% Jazz coffee simply cannot be recreated).  So we recharged with some of our sweetest friends over great eats and ever greater conversation.

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When all is said and done, I do love New York but with equal if not greater vigor I love my city.

Victoria, you are one of a kind and a true beauty.  Until next time.

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