New Years and a New Year


Before we booked our flights home for the holidays we had a large internal debate about our New Years plans. Should they be held on the east coast or the west coast? We settled our qualms by polling friends who have been in the city years longer than us rookies.  What we  couldn’t decide was if we should fly home in time to wrangle a spot in Times Square to watch the ball drop, or spend it with our oldest, most cherished friends at home.  In the end I was informed that the logistics of a NYC NYE was that I would wind up standing for hours, sardined next to strangers being unable to move to eat, drink or use the bathroom.  Which for me, who tends to be a sensitive soul, this is not my ideal environment at all.  So in the end we decided to stay and ring in 2014 from Victoria.

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As you know Jay travels for work, beyond the merit of being able to work  the majority of the month out of some exceptional cities like San Fran, L.A. and South Florida, he also accrues travel status -which is where I benefit.  In 2o13 he has logged countless miles, and a staggering number of hotel stays which warranted him some undeniably wonderful perks.  Allowing us to wrangle a free room, suite upgrade and a extravagantly, wonderful couples massage at the Fairmont Empress to help us usher in 2014.

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I am not a big New Years person, as evidenced by my attire of jeans and a sweatshirt (at least it had some sparkle) and I would have been happy with just about anything.  In truth I probably would have been happy doing nothing.  However, Jay and I decided to offer up our location for friends to gather, which allowed us to chat and celebrate with the remarkably dynamic (and rather beautiful) people we call friends.  I can say without hesitation, and that Jay and I are in complete agreement that this was by far our best New Years yet -simply due to the people we shared it with (the location may have helped also).

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As for me, and my 2014 I am excited for what it holds.  2013 saw us buy a house, do a transcontinental road trip, a new career for Jay and move to New York City which when all is said and done may be hard to top.  However, 2014 has the potential for me to complete my masters at Columbia, search out a post-graduate career and plan the next steps for our small family.  So as it stands I don’t have any resolutions that I feel I need to stick to or strive for.  I do however, have a notion I would like to embody over the course of 2014 as we embark on big decisions, close old chapters and open new doors, and that is one of calmness.  I tend to over think and fret, and I am going to strive to possess a sense of calm in all arenas of my life be them relationships, my faith or overall demeanor.  I doubt I will be able to do it fully, but mindfulness is a powerful right step.

So 2014, show us what you got because we Jordan’s are ready for you and boy are we excited.

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