Get Out of Town: The ‘Burbs


Okay, I am going to dwindle down what little coolness points I may have accrued with my next statement.  I truly, and deeply love the suburbs.  Now, hold on just a moment before you judge me.  When I speak of suburbs I don’t mean cookie-cutter developments with a uniform colour scheme, or large mega malls with their box stores clustered together.  I mean the small, quaint town-type of suburb, like the one I grew up in in Victoria, B.C.  The type of community that has retained it’s heritage charm, that has an interconnected feel and sanctions miles of park land for public use.  That is the type of suburb that I love. So yes, give me open streets, single family homes with freshly cut lawns and grocery stories with aisles big enough that I am not crawling over my fellow patrons to snag a cantaloupe.  I will take them, uncoolness and all.


Now don’t get me wrong, this is no way a testament to my distaste for our current urban lifestyle because I love the city for exactly the opposite reasons I stated above.  I guess my little indecisive heart would like to just have it all.  So that is why yesterday when Jay was done work early but still had a car we decided to get out of town and explore the colours, charm and fresh air that can be found in Scardsdale, just 30 minutes north of the city.  Scarsdale is picturesque, with ivy covered bridges, prewar homes, large lakes and a brick and mortar style main strip that is filled with local and artisan shops.  These small town attributes reminded me so much of our hometown.  Our first venture in the ‘burbs was a stop at a real grocery store.   Upon which I lept from the vehicle and spun in a circle declaring “Look at me, I’m not touching a single person”, which doubled Jay over in laughter and warranted me a few sideways glances.  However, after nearly 3 months in the city it was nice to have some space to stretch out, as we appreciated a different setting for a few hours.  On whole we loved the town, and with it being so close to the city I would suggest that is worth the visit if you have the time during your exploration of New York City.  If it captures your heart as much as ours, and you like it enough to call it home, you would wind up with David Letterman living near by but you would also need an extra $20,000 to spend in property taxes per year. Ouch.


One thought on “Get Out of Town: The ‘Burbs

  1. oh my the colors are just spectacular, took my breath away as I looked at the bridge photo, so beautiful. The whole place sounds amazing. I love reading your blogs, feels like I am there.

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