Jay’s 27th Birthday Manhattan Style


Well last weekend Jameson turned 27th.  This was his second birthday in New York, as I had given him a trip to NYC for his 25th (with the self serving intention to check out Columbia and see what prospective grad studies in the city would amount to). This time around the day was all about him as I embraced the student living, lack of job etiquette and hunted down a weekend’s worth of mostly free events to celebrate Jay’s birth.  To offset my frugality and make up for fact the his entire present cost next to nothing I created quaint little cards that informed him of each adventure.  Enclosed are a few of our top picks from our birthday weekend. 

1. Dinner and Drinks with Friends


A girlfriend from high school has been living and modeling in the city for a few years now.  So we started off the evening with dinner at Hillstone with her and her boyfriend, Peter, as they versed us on Manhattan living and argued in favor of NYC being the best city in the world.  By the end of our meal we were verging on being won over. We then headed over to the East Village to sip away time at The Leadbelly, until the clock struck Jay’s actual birthday.  The night led to Jay dressing up like a ketchup bottle (I have pictures) so I would have to say that alone makes the night a grand success.

2. Brunch in New York


One thing Robin and Peter had educated us on the evening prior was the prestige of brunch culture of New York City.  So the next morning we wrangled ourselves out of bed for our first Manhattan brunch.  We decided to get our toes wet first before tackling a real Tribeca brunch and stuck close to home, opting for a healthy, brightly coloured and undeniably scrumptious meal at Community Food & Juice.  Go eat and enjoy.

3. Kayak the Hudson River


This is free. Yes, Free.  Every Sunday throughout the summer the New York Boathouse offers free kayaking at three different locations in the city.  We hopped on the river in Riverside Park at 73rd and Riverside.  It was a spectacular day, and it felt so, so unbelievably good to get back to our pacific northwest roots and bob around the water for awhile.  It gives you a whole new perspective on the city and makes you realize there is so much more to NYC than urban jungle sprawl.  So slow down for a moment, jump in a boat and paddle along the shoreline.

Our other events that didn’t make the top 3 but were throughly enjoyed: 

A walk through central park

The Guggenheim Museum

Shopping in SoHo

Hillsong NYC

One thought on “Jay’s 27th Birthday Manhattan Style

  1. Wow what an awesome way to celebrate a birthday! You amaze me Renee! Jay you are one blessed young man but I think you already know that! Well done Renee!

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